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TRT 1 Year Update


Hey Charlie! Just reading this post and struck a chord… Back in September I trialed T4 at 50mcg a day for five weeks. I did not feel good on the T4 and started getting joint pains again. Especially in the shoulders. I am still suffering with joint pains three months down the line. I read that a lot of people suffer joint pains when taking T4 and I think mine is because of that medication because before taking it my joints had been great for six months or so.

25mcg is a very low dose for T4 but I guess it might be the reason for your joint pain.


Interesting. It takes 6-7 weeks for medicine to reach stable levels. Am thinking while my thyroid is adjusting it is causing this temporarily.

So strange.

I have call in to Endo. Will ask her today. Am sure she will think I am crazy especially when I tell her wife has same issue.
I did a thyroid test 1-2 weeks in and TSH was at 1,6. Much improved. Who knows?

So if t4 does this then what?


Do you have a Vitamin Shoppe near you? I buy this kind:


It’s flavored liquid fish oil. 800mg EPA/500mg DHA per teaspoon, 100 servings per bottle. I take a tablespoon a day and a bottle lasts me a month.


So Endo just called.

She has not heard of shoulder pain. Surprise. Lol

She did hear of joint pain. Lol. That’s a joint.

She said I could stop out it. But I said it had helped my afternoon temps and I feel good otherwise. I started it 12-13. She says continue it take labs in 2 weeks.

I told her about wife too.

She is willing to change to another manufacturer or she would try natural disecated thyroid. But will wait for labs.

What do you think?


Charlie, have you looked into a compounded bioidentical T3/T4 combo?


Isn’t that what armour thyroid is? That’s the dissecated. It’s from the pharmacy


All I know is what I have read on thyroid specific forums. Many people don’t seem to get on well Levothyroxine and many complain of joint and muscle pains. Some people get on fine with it but others do not. Some do well on disecated thyroid and others better on T3 only. It seems to be a bit of trial and error.


It is desiccated pig thyroid. I was thinking along the lines of a customized formula.


Thought this might be a help Charlie. Basically info on how to monitor thyroid and adrenal function via basil body temps plotted on graphs. A good way to monitor how you are reacting to your thyroid meds.

You can download and print the blank graphs and view sample graphs here -

I also found this a good read about thyroid and adrenals - http://www.drrind.com/forms/wp_metabolic_seminar.pdf


This is great. Thanks. Interesting that once thyroid is brought to normalcy, if adrenals can’t handle… not sure what happens. Will read what you posted.


@flatdanny @physioLojik @unreal24278 I don’t know if I should continue the t4 and wait the full 6 weeks to see if shoulder joint pain resolves and take labs?
Or ask for a different brand now?
Or just stop it?

I started the t4 Dec 13 and my shoulder path started after a few days.
I do feel my sensitivity to cold is much better.


Not sure what you should do Charlie. I don’t think I am in any way qualified to advise you what best to do… Hopefully Physio will chime in with some professional advice on what he think you should be doing and even if he thinks the joint pain is caused by the T4 meds. I’m interested in what he thinks actually because I still have joint pains three months after starting T4.


I’ll tell you something I didn’t take the tablet this morning and my shoulder already feels better. And noticably less clicking

I can either try the name brand synthroid or NP thyroid.
Maybe @physioLojik you can suggest based on labs . I know you super busy. :baby:t2:

Tingling/Warm Legs Followed by Extreme Soreness on New Daily Protocol
TRT - A Provider's Input

Are you monitoring your temperatures Charlie? I’m using an old fashioned basil thermometer and taking temperature as soon as I wake, then every three hours x3. Then take the average of the last three readings and plot on graph.

From what I’ve read it seems a good way to monitor how you are doing on the meds. Though having a baseline from before you started the T4 would have been good to compare.


I am monitoring temps.
Btw Dr prescribed me 15 mg NP thyroid.
It’s the lowest dose. Being I don’t have blatant hypothyroidism , I think this amount is good. It’s supplementing. I thought it may be not enough. But we will redo labs in 2-3 weeks.

My research also tells me that without a full replacement dose , the treatment will not suppress my own production. @physioLojik am I correct correct with this? And is 15 mg ok ?

Wife started on 30 mg of NP thyroid. Am happy for that because her reverse t3 was a bit high. And the t3 in the dissecated thyroid will help her.

I actually took a 30 mg today cause I did not get the 15 yet and I could feel the t3 warm me up. Got up to 98.6.

Ask Physiolojik Thread

So you felt an improvement that quickly. That’s great news (;

I copied the below info from StopTheThyroidMadness site. (Excellent info there)

Gives you a bit of info on the strength of your dose and there’s also a mention about the importance of iron and cortisol levels when starting thyroid meds.


Recommended tests…


Just when you think you know what’s going on.

So I had a physical with a new Dr. I told him I tried armor thyroid but stopped 10 days ago cause I thought it was my shoulder. Which it’s not my shoulder. It was incidental.

So I told him I did feel warmer in the afternoon on meds cause my only symptom was cold hands. If anything I have subclinical hypo. So i told him my hands were cold while in his office.

He grabbed my hands and looked at the nail parts and surroundings. He said I have raynaud’s syndrome . Never read about that so I was like - what! He pointed out the purple colors.

But the armor helped with body temperature and I think consequently resolved my cold hand feeling. And now I read that pde5 help with Raynaud’s and I take daily Cialis.

So when @physioLojik says lower body temperature or cold hands can be from other causes. Ummmm … Right again. And the shoulder pain was incidental as physio said.

Would Raynaud’s lower my overall body temperature? Does this whole thing make sense?

He’s running thyroid labs but probably still have some t4 left since I stopped armor 10 days before lab. So I don’t know how accurate the lab will be.

Labs B4 treatment


New labs 1/25 thyroid . stopped armor 1/14. See post above.
TSH 2.69
Free t3 3.26 (2-4.4)
Free t4 1.02 (.8-1.9)

And iron numbers


Hey Charlie! Interesting about the Raynaulds. I’ve had it for all my adult life actually. I get attacks when the weather is cold. It can be extremely painful. Mine is connected to an autoimmune disease I’ve had since 17 but I read recently that being hypothyroid can lead to you suffering with raynauld attacks.


Wow. Thanks. Does Raynaud’s lower body temps? I get no pain.

My finger tips get those long wrinkles. When they feel cold.

@flatdanny looking at my labs what do you think?

So fucking confusing.

An trying to figure out if my cold hands correspond to colder body temperature. All I know when I was doing armor I had no cold hands. Actually felt warmth. Even dick felt hotter than usual not sure if that’s ok.

@flatdanny @physioLojik @unreal24278
What is confusing though is my free t3 is at 3.2. But cold feeling is erratic. Cold for 5 minutes then not. Would Raynaud’s do that ?