TRT 1 Year Update

So I have have a huge thread on here. But I think a fresh thread is called for.
I got updated labs. Just waiting for igf and cortisol. They forgot to enter the code for those 2 but still have specimen to perform test.

I am on 88 mg divided in 2 injections a week.
I take daily 5 mg Cialis. Zinc picolinate 20mg, multi , magnesium glycinate 200 mg at night with the zinc. 5k vit D.
Took lab on day of injection.

I feel really good. Night time and morning wood consistently. You can see last column is prior result. I did have another test in between but used a different lab. Free t about 2.2 percent
Thanks for taking a look and commenting. Iron/ferritin lowish?

Are you eating late night snacks or eating dinner late?

I had high triglycerides double the reference ranges (<149 =331), I was eating dinner at 10pm and going to bed 1-2 hours later, I eating dinner at 5pm and went on a whole food diet and lowered triglycerides to 167 in 6 weeks. LDL also came down.

Bioavailable testosterone is great for midrange Total T, prolactin is not a concern.

Most thyroid testing is needed, Reverse T3 and antibodies.

My triglycerides have always been high for many years. Close to 300. Along with ALT and AST being slightly high now on trt those liver numbers are great . Maybe cause body fat went down a bit. Historically when I gain weight alt ast elevated.

I wonder why my iron/ferritin went down. I hate to start an iron supplement. My TSH has been all over between 1.5 and 3.5. Am sure I can get on t4 but I want to monitor esp since free t3 3.2

And surprised my e2 14 with no AI. Maybe the brussel sprouts. But I think I feel great on that e2 probably because shbg 25.

Edit. R3t done a couple times b4 always good. TPO on report.

BTW I left a message on lab director machine tonight and he called me from home. It is not clear they used LCMS assay for total t. He has lab verifying now. Good service from Bioreference. And will get igf and cortisol.

I bet if you were to test free E2 it would be similar to your great free T levels. My TSH fluctuates between .5-.9, never to the degree that yours is fluctuating.

There is a connection between high triglyceride levels and hypothyroidism, high triglyceride levels increase risk for hypothyroidism. Maybe you are not there yet, but on your way to hypothyroidism.

When I would eat right before bed, my body would store all the energy from the food since I wasn’t burning it up, when I started eating earlier in the day, my body was using the fuel and burning it because my thyroid is more active during the day. Your body isn’t burning the fuel provided, instead it’s storing it.

I believe you are working towards hypothyroidism and have caught it earlier.

Zinc and Cialis also lower estrogen bro. Is that the sensitive test?

Sustained improvement in sexual function after 12 months of tadalafil administration is associated with increased T:E ratio mainly related to reduction of E levels

When I saw e2 at 14 I thought of you.

Actually both tests are there.
Estradiol 38.2
E2 14.1

I gather my free e2 is good and not low since shbg is 25.

I agree. My dad has it. But I will monitor at this point.

The problem is the Cialis may be compensating for the low E2 side effects of soft erections, so you wouldn’t be able to tell. Personally I don’t like your E2 result of 14.1, your brain, bones and joints needs estrogen as well.

I think a free E2 test is in order.

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Maybe but when my e2 was low Cialis and Viagra did not help.

My night and morning erections so hard need to pee in sink.

I will be going to cardio soon for check up. I will have him add e2 so I can recheck.

I can not go off 1 lab 2 months ago my e2 was in the 30s with lab corp. Same protocol. My body fat did go down though. I would have been more concerned if estradiol was low too

2 months ago
Estradiol 33
E2 38

I hear this a lot. Can someone explain how this can be? How can morning and night erections be fully functional, hard as a rock, yet sexual relations erections, not? The plumbing and hormones must be healthy to get those boners of steel. What’s going on here?

Am good there too. I believe I am dialed in. I also take daily 5 mg Cialis.

I also seem to be most ready in the morning. For example this morning i woke up. Had wood. Went down after a few minutes. Wife started touching it/me within seconds wood.
I don’t know why this is better reaction in morning when we are not making t naturally during the night.

Just curious if you have always been on such a low dose Charlie? And if you were on a higher weekly dose how did you feel then?

Couldn’t se your free t above? Curious what that is (;

Hi Charlie, glad you’re feeling all around well regardless of numbers. As systemlord said, I would be concerned that other meds are influencing erections and thus making that factor misleading in the overall scheme of things.

I’ve read so much info on TRT this in the past year. I see all the time that men can feel just fine for quite a while with lower estradiol then one day, boom, horrible symptoms set in. Also, as alphagunner noted, zinc is observed to be a powerful AI (physioLojik has noted this as well).

2 months ago
Estradiol 33
E2 38

Estradiol 38.2
E2 14.1

I just don’t feel I have low e2. May be a lab error esp since estradiol eia assay is 38 higher than 2 months ago. Different lab co.
I will retake when I can.
If it really is 14 I can consider taking dhea since mine is low normal or slightly increase t dosage.
I will do neither at this point because I feel good.

I am more concerned about my thyroid numbers.

I have been as high as 110 a week. I did not really document that dose. And I was chasing e2 = 22 than. So that controlled what I did instead of how I feel.
Also I gather my testosterone is higher that that on most other days in the week since i took the test on trough.
My bioavailable t is in the report. It’s 2.2%
I called lab to make sure they measured with LCMS assay. Will get updated numbers.

Edit - the prior result on 5/24 was when I was doing 110 a week but was taking .1 dex then. It shows total t 598

When e2 is very low nothing will get that dick up. I know from experience.
I plan on taking Cialis for life. It brings down my blood pressure wonderfully. I averagev115/70. I stopped Cialis a couple months ago. Pressure back up to 128/87 or so. After 7 days erections were a bit softer and required more stimulation.

Sounds good man, like you said, could be lab error since E2 was so much different only 2 months ago.

Noticed you mentioned Brussels sprouts. Are cruciferous really that effective at lowering E2? I eat a lot of them and have for years, my level seems fine currently but it leads me to wonder about past issues.

Good show @Charlie. You seem to have complete grasp on what you need to focus on and feeling good at the same time is a wonderful ground to be on to handle that stuff. Glad you are feeling/doing great.

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That’s interesting… I think many low T guys start with too much T and assume more is better. Unfortunately that includes me. I think I might take a leaf out of your book and try lower my dose. Anyway, glad you are doing well (;