TRS Direct?

What do you guys think of TRS direct?

You know, the company that puts out all those martial arts instructional DVDs.

Streetfighting tactics and “systems” by guys like Paul Vunak and Glenn Boodry, among others.

Any good, or total bullshit? I do have some MA background, but do you think you can really learn anything from these? Anyone have any experience using them?

Just curious…

Used one of their systems -Native American Fighting System- as you can guess it is supposedly the techniques that were really used by natives 100-200 years ago on the plain of North America. It was good but not great. Picked up a few little tips and tricks but nothing ground breaking.

Most of their tape series include a fitness video that ties in with the theme of the video. I’m not quite sure that the calibre of the martial artists in the video is what the adds claim, most of them seem like bar room brawlers or ex military who found a clever way to repackage some commonly known dirty fighting techniques. I swear that I’ve even seen some of these techniques before on Bas Rutten videos.

All in all I’d say they are not bad, so if you are willing to put some money up front then take them up on their money back guarantee. Dub the tapes if you have to but at least you aren’t wasting $70(I think this is the average price of their programs)Like any okay program their is some treasure even if it is mostly garbage.

Lastly the systems aren’t extremely easy to memorize as they claim. Not hard either, but to make the techniques reflexive you would need to practice for about 4-5hrs per week for 6 months. If you are an average learner. Not one weekend like the ads say.

If you like the appeal of an instinctive bare bones brutal system invest in Systema training or Target Focus Training. I’ve heard nothing but positive about both. On other thing to consider I think it was the creator of TRS (Bob Pierce?) who popularized SCARS training which was one of the first and few military systems still going strong today- so obviously the guy isn’t totally in left field. Good luck.

SCARS is still going strong? Not with NSW it’s not. They dropped SCARS several years ago. Maybe you were talking about a different community.

Though I have to admit, NSW as a whole is too quick to jump on whatever the new system is. That’s why they’ve gone through SCARS, SAFTA, and are(I think) still stuck on Dieter’s(which is gay).