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Just saw the trailer for TROY. I now have a stiffy that could break down a door.


Yea That flick looks Badass! I love war movies before there were guns, Braveheart style. One man could only kill one (maybe two if he's luck) man at a time. The fighting skill of each side and the skill of thier commanders playing a crucial role in the outcome. Now it's just my weapons are bigger and better than yours and a 3 year old could use them.


Looks badass. Braveheart is the best movie ever.

And there is some research that actually shows that technology has little impact on the outcome of a war. It sounds insane but....


Wow, I too have a number one in my pants, and I haven't even seen the trailer!:slight_smile:
I don't know much about history, but from what I've seen, the main character Troy is played by Pitt, who is some kind of Greek ninja. Ninjas are cool.



The only issue I had with that trailer was that shot of the "1,000 ships" that Helen launched (if you've read the story, you'll know what I mean here).

All nicely spaced out in the water....VERY CGI. Very bothersome.


When I saw the trailer I went outside and played outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes.

Looks good.


If Brad takes his shirt off in this one, we can expect an influx of posts with the topic "Brad Pitt's Workout?"


the catalogue of ships was possibly the worst chapter of the illiad, it made me want to stab myself in the eye.

i wonder how they will handle the "divine" impact of the story - who will play zeus??


Glad to see you still posting here, Rumbach.


me too!


Don't make me bust out some ancient greek on yo' ass.

"o mawros geda kai otan ti meh gedoion eh."


Achillies...he going to be whooping some ass then. Wonder if they will actually make him invulverable...sans heel of course? :wink:


so who is Pitt supposed to be playing?

and is the film remotely faithful to the Iliad?

Rumbach, I feel ya on the ships matter, but don't forget that its originally an epic poem recited orally.

The Ramayana & Mahabarata are tedious as well but who can argue with their being dope as hell? :slight_smile: