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Troy Weight Plates


today at the ymca, that I lift at, they changed the plates from cast iron to to rubber grip plates. They feel much lighter then the cast iron. Can any one tell me why?


light how?

if it feels lighter on the bar maybe it's because some plates develop rust, etc and become heavier over time.


Pink weighs less than metal


I know that, the weights are coated in rubber. but what is the actual weight difference between 45lb iron plate to rubber coated 45lb plate. so that I can add more weight to balance it out.


....and they say the bodybuilding forum hasn't had enough quality posts lately. I say HOGWASH!!


What weighs more

45lbs of marshmellows or 45lbs of chocolate covered marshmellows or 45lbs of chocolate covered cast iron plates?


So what weighs more, a ton of feathers, or a ton of cast iron?


I'm asking a question, why do you guys have to turn it into a joke


That has to be a trick question. How hungry am I when I'm faced with this hypothetical situation? And are graham crackers and bonfires involved?


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Haikus are easy. But sometimes they don't make sense. Refrigerator.


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I'm sorry but how low does your IQ have to be to ask this question?


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ok OP, its the same shit. 45lbs is 45lbs whether that be of iron, rubber, marshmallows, feathers or big tits.

Just to clear things up cuz idk if u were following these jokes which are actually pretty funny.


Plates covered in ostrich feathers are heavier cus ostriches can't fly. That's really the extent of my knowledge on the subject though =/




Okay okay...what about.....

45 pounds of HYDROGEN plates!!!