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Troy - Brad Pitt


Just saw Troy a couple days ago, and the first thing I thought was that not a single person in that movie would last a week in that era, let alone that war!

I don't think anyone in the movie, except maybe the odd extra that never made it onto the screen, has ever seen/attepmted/performed any kind of exercise in a power rack. All of the "warriors" in the movie looked like all the frat boys I oh so much enjoy making fun of at the gym . . . you know the bench press/curl "specialist"

The only reason I thought this was so lame was that my favorite book of all time is "Gates of Fire", a story about the battle of Thermopaly (I know I spelled that wrong), basically 500 spartan knights held off an army of over 5,000 at a narrow pass in the mountains for something insane like 3 weeks. The book goes into great detail on how the years of training had built the spartans into literal war machines . . . massive legs from marching in full armor, huge arms from carrying their weapons/shields. Oddly enough the book makes no mention of a six pack, 5% body fat or bad acting (which the movie is full of)

Anyone else see the flick and get the same impression?


its just a movie man chill out.


i was totally outraged

just kidding


Well I haven't seen it yet, just the previews, but there is one thing that bugs me about it already: Achilles was supposed to be a huge, badass, nearly invincible warrior, who's mere name inspired terror in his enemies -- and they have 170 lb Brad Pitt playing him. Talk about suspension of disbelief!

Some one like Brock Lesnar might have made a convincing Achilles. Too bad he probably can't act worth a damn.


I saw the movie, Troy, and thought it was bad azz. It was one of the best movies I have seen in a while. I thought the acting was awesome and the character portrayal of Achilles was right on.


Yah, I thought Pitt was cast well. Size doesn't make a good warrior dude.


You have to be kidding.



I'm with you man. Pop culture icons like Brad Pitt make me want to puke. He no more looks like a warrior of that era than Pierce Brosnan looks bad enough to play James Bond.

Anyone see Kirk Douglas in Spartacus? Circa 1960 I believe. Now that was an incredible performance. And it was by an actor who, at the time, actually trained with weights and free hand floor exercises. Some of his co-stars in that movie were in incredible condition, especially for that era.

Hollywood needs something really, really badly. They need to be ignored!


That's pretty much the trend now days, anyone looked in a Mens Health lately. A few years ago I worked with this guy that used to subscribe and I would sometimes read some of the articles. Back then the guys in the worout pics used to look quite thick. Well I looked at one the other day at my bro in laws house, these guy looked like they just stepped out of a POW camp! Hips and ribs sticking out every where. Is this what guys want to look like these day?


Something tells me that Achilles wasn't a Metro...

This isn't saying much, but the Rock would have made a much better Achilles.



I saw the movie and I actually thought it was pretty good, though not great. I also have read Gates of Fire three times and I don't remember anything about massive arms and legs on all the Spartan warriors


The trailer looked lame with Pitt and others looking all clean shaven and all...typical Hollywood crap...
A guestion to those who have saw it: Did the speak in a "false English/British accent"? If so, how lame. Thats not even the right lanquage.


Who was the huge SOB that Achilles killed at the beggining of the flick? That dude was a monster. I am sure that some of it was movie magic, but none the less, he was yoked.


That huge SOB was Nathan Jones, former WWE wrestler for smackdown

The other point I would like to make is for all the haters: Its only a movie! Didn't you get you money's worth?

This movie clearly shows the truth: It doesn't matter how strong and powerful you are, battle has everything to do with quickness, skill and confidence.

And Zeb: The battle scene in Troy between Hector and Achilles, blows everything away that Kurt Douglas and Tony Curtis ever did in Sparticus (sorry!)


I'm with you on the frat boy comment but your missin a few things:
-The 1st guy achillis killed was huge...
-Guys back then weren't huge...average height was about 5'6 or 5'7
-Any of these small chumps from back in the day would have put the rock or lessner to sleep in a fight
-As a testament to the size thing look at the zulus who live in a similiar temp and carry their weapons and armor over similiar distances...they are skinny, strong as ox, and faster than lightning
-Not to mention no one back then had a power rack or weights to use


All around one of the worst movies I've ever paid to go see. Waste of my $5.75 discounted ticket.

The "Acting"
The "acting" was terrible. Star Wars Episode II had a more convincing love story than that crap. Some of these guys had Scottish accents that would give Braveheart a run for its money. And if it wasn't Scottish, then it was a quick Australian thrown into the mix.

The Dialogue
This has to be some of the worst dialogue since Point Break - and yes, that includes all of the Matrix movies. Simplistic, unemotional (or forced emotion), and very unrealistic. Just quit with the terrible lines and fight.

The Attempts at Emotion
The baby that cries on command, more of the terrible acting, "dramatic" shots of everyone's face right before a fight, crappy music with one person howling like it's a Sting album...terrible, terrible, terrible.

Historical Inaccuracies
Since when did Troy fall in 14 days? Troy was absolutely nothing like the actual city (there was no one huge gate, the walls weren't like that, etc.). I understand it's a movie, but it made Pearl Harbor look like a documentary.

At just under three hours, this movie would have been twice as good if it would have been half as long. About 15 of the 180 minutes actually involves any sort of action. The rest of the time is filled up with the crappy dialoge, especially between lovers or family members. And that's not even good. It's all like, "I must fight," "but don't fight," "but I must fight," "but I don't want you to fight," "but it's about honor," "but I hate war"...For twenty fucking minutes at a time. You can also substitute the word "go" for the "fight" and you've got the other half of the dialoge. The funniest part was when Achilles was telling some woman to go, Paris was telling her to go, and she kept wanting to stay. After a couple of minutes of arguing, some dude in the front of the theater yelled "Fucking go bitch!"

Everything except a couple of fight scenes were terrible in this movie. The acting and dialoge combined to make this movie damn near impossible to watch. I have not heard a crowd laugh this much at some comedies - probably a bad sign since nothing in this movie was supposed to be funny. The one redeeming factor was a couple of the fight scenes - but this may be relative. It's kind of like a room of fat girls - suddenly the average girl looks pretty good.

Final grade: F+



Relax. I don't think they had power racks in 1300 B.C. either. I recall reading somewhere that the average size of a Roman soldier was something like 5'4" 125 lbs... and that was much after Troy took place. On average, men were quite a bit smaller 3,000 years ago versus today.

I enjoyed the movie even with Brad "Beefcake" Pit in it. I liked the guy who played Prince Hector. He was also in The Hulk and Blackhawk Down.

I don't think there were too many guys in 1300 B.C. who looked like the guy Achilles (Mr. Pitt) killed at the beginning of the film. Steroids were'nt around back then... unless you can count eating raw bull testicles.


Brad Pitt has long hair like a girl and is gay. Also, he is not a real man like me.

I think it is sad that Brad Pitt tries so hard to imitate me and be cool like me, but fails. What Brad Pitt doesn't realize is that while he was making that movie Troy, I was banging Jennifer Aniston. And when he finds out he won't do anything. He'll just go to his room and have a good cry like last time.

This happened two weeks ago:

I was in the gym doing squats. And Brad Pitt came up and asked when i was gonna be done. And I asked him what he was doing, and he said "some curls" in a meek voice. And i laughed so loud that he ran away.

Another time I was at the gym and Brad Pitt was doing tricep extensions in front of the mirror with his long girlish hair. And I came up and said "Hows it going, Bradley" and slapped him on the back. But secretly I had just stuck a "kick me" sign on his back.

Imagine his surprise when everyone gave him a kick on his way out!

By the way i don't have anything against Brad Pitt, it is just a little lame that he keeps trying to imitate me all the time and everyone can see he is just a poser.



Conan the Barbarian would kick all their asses!


I pretty much concur with Cory on this movie but I would grade it a 4 on a scale of 10.

Three hours of my life I wish I had back.

Hollywood needs to get back to the basics of a good story and decent acting.

To each their own but having to sit through three hours of trash for a few minutes worth of action/special effects is not a good time.