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Trough Bloodwork on New Protocol

Morning fellas. Hope everyone is staying safe out there. So I finally got trough blood work done following change of protocol. I still take 65mg every 3.5 days. Haven’t posted in a while. Life has been crazy busy for me… Things are going well and I feel really good. Here are the labs.

HCT 49%
SHGB 54 mnol/L(Down from 65 and baseline 77)
Total test 867 ng/dl 300-1080 mg/dl
Free T 102 pg/ml range: 47-244
E2 24.2 pg/ml range: 10-42

Overall I am happy with these labs considering they were at trough. FT is not bad for trough and being that I run high SHGB. Doctor said I could increase if I wanted too. But I feel good and I am happy with the E2 and HCT levels. What do you guys think ?

If you have great energy, have consistent erections, a strong libido and you feel good, you’re dialed in on your protocol.

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Yeah all of that is on point. Sex drive is great. It’s not out of control but it’s good. Had sex last night and this morning. Energy is solid, muscle mass maintaining despite being out of the gym due to injury.

Best thing I did was switch to every 3.5 days over 100 per week

You definitely have quite a bit of room to up your dose in the future if you ever see fit.

Yeah your free T is honestly still pretty low. If it’s working, then great. But if it isn’t, you have plenty of room to go up

Yeah as the poster below and you have pointed out trough free T still has room to go up. I would assume peak free T is in the 160’s range or so…I feel good and I really like where my E2 and my HCT is so I’m really hesitant to rock the boat. My SHGB keeps going down which is good it’s almost in the 40’s where I want it.