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Troubles after Distal Bicep Rupture Repair

I had surgery way back in January & maybe a month of rehab before covid shut everything down. Then all the gyms shut down & I just got a garage gym. I’ve worked with bands & a few db’s I had as soon as I was cleared.

The problem I’m having is my pronated grip sucks & hurts. Chins are near impossible & curls freaking hurt. It’s like my forearm engaged instead of my bi.

Anyone come back from this that has some pointers to stabilize that grip position?

How big is your strength imbalance between limbs?

Anything that involves a curl like movement probably 1/2. Pullups & curls hurt. Pulling off the floor isnt bad. Stabilizing bench & low bar squats feels like vice grips are on my forearm bone when its heavy.

Your number 1 priority at this point should be to try and minimise that imbalance then. Curls are very much on the table. Starting with very light loads and very high reps is okay. Overcoming isometrics (pushing against an immovable object) is an excellent choice too, however it is impossible to quantify how much force you’re producing without a force plate or crane scale

It is okay to train through pain, provided it isn’t extreme. As a rule of thumb, training up to a 5/10 pain, in this scenario, is totally okay (if not advisable).

Until you’ve returned the injured muscle to its previous level of function (which is represented by the strength in the uninjured arm), it’s pretty likely that everything will suck

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