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Trouble With TTT

I’ve been going at TTT for 3 weeks now (had to take two weeks off to fight an illness). The second day is by far the hardest of the week (sets of 24). When using a load 1 rep short of failure, I have horrible difficulty making it all the way through.

By the end of the first dip/upright row set I get so nauseated and dizzy I can no longer continue. The first few weeks I could push through, but after upping the weight the nausea has become too severe to handle. I’m hoping part of this is that I haven’t totally recovered yet, otherwise should I use a much lighter weight?

Yeah, maybe you aren’t fully recovered yet. But definitely use a lighter weight if the heavier weight is making you feel sick. Not the side effect Chad is lookin’ for here when he wrote up this program.

Good luck,


This is pretty common if you haven’t done high rep stuff for a while. Either build up to it gradually or keep a bucket close by when you’re working out.