Trouble with the "Trump News Network"?

President Trump was not happy with Fox News on Wednesday, tweeting:

“Fox isn’t working for us anymore” while “America’s Newsroom” aired on the network. In the tweets, Mr. Trump did not hide his displeasure with Fox’s 2020 election coverage — and he suggested the whole network should just “go left,” saying he’d win without their help.

Mr. Trump’s tweet was quickly rebutted by the channel’s senior political analyst, Brit Hume, one of the vocal critics of the president at the network;

"Fox News isn’t supposed to work for you," Hume wrote.

I’m calling bullshit. Too much money to be made being Trump’s News Network…(ironically, Trump’s tantrum probably increased ratings).


Admittedly, I don’t watch Fox News - I do catch clips from time to time and I’ve seen segments, mainly from your boy Carlson, that both praise and criticize Trump’s policies.

I don’t know how “pro-Trump” they are - Hannity seems to have his head up Trump’s ass, but, again, I’ve seen clips where Hannity has been critical. Also, Mark Levine, who is obviously pro-Trump, has criticized policies by Trump.

They’re seemingly not as critical, and far more pro-Trump, than the other major news outlets. I’d imagine this Trump tantrum won’t change all THAT much at Fox, one way or the other … and I’d believe Brit Hume believes what he says … from my limited exposure to him, and what I’ve heard other journalists and pundits on both sides have said about him being a respected member of the press corps.

So take my ill-informed opinion about this matter for what it’s worth

EDIT: as a side note - I hadn’t seen you post in a bit, was a bit worried after your White Supremacist thread didn’t go as you had expected you were turned off. Glad to see that’s not the case…

Fox is a business that desires to still be viable after trump is gone. They see the writing on the walls that this level of craziness can’t be sustained for the long haul. They also realize that trump could very easily go down in defeat in 2020 or actually he could flame out himself at anytime.
So I guess they are trying to get a jump on rebuilding the GOP that has been destroyed by trump, with their help.

(@polo77j…while that thread did take a turn toward the surreal…it’s original premise was found to be correct by subsequent post…White Supremacy is alive and well…and Carlson is full of shit if he thinks its a hoax…). I’m good!

Interesting points, @magnumd

As a business, I would imagine that win OR lose…FOX (and some others) have to begin thinking about a “Post-Trump” world. As it stands; Trump provides controversial content to either defend or rebut on almost a daily basis. Add to this the fact that the FOX nighttime talking heads are almost entirely a Trump Love-Fest…they wouldn’t be a very good business if they were not beginning to think about a World after Trump.

While Trump seems to have sucked CNN and some of the Newspapers into his vortex…most appear to cover enough content that is not so “Trump-centric”.

How news goes after Trump should be interesting.

To me, that is more likely than him being defeated by the DEMS (RIGHT, @pfury? lol!)

He could theoretically drop out of the race :wink:

But yeah every other scenario you nailed it

As an interesting aside…

My understanding (and correct me if I’m wrong)…is that “Disney” purchased all of “FOX”… EXCEPT the News Division?

Is that correct?

I believe that is correct.

It was too fake for Disney even.




I had heard the talks broke down when Hannity demanded to be made a Disney princess.


Fox has had a right tilt bias for a long time but even the Fox and MSNBC’s of the world do call out their own side preference from time to time.

The issue is not Fox going left it’s Trumps insane standard of not being criticized at all. It’s like if you gave him a 100 compliments in a row but said you could work on your posture he would flip out at the one thing.

It’s also important to mention we have a President who pays tons of attention to TV and tweets. We finally have a true American in the office. An obese fast food addicted digital and tv junkie.



(Want a real example of a “snowflake”? Look no further than the White House…)

With the hiring of Donna Brazille (sp?) I see a network trying to have broader appeal and take a more balanced approach. Trump should shut up, they are the only ones who ever come to his defense.

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I think it’s important to note Foxnews is the largest cable news market by a wide margin.

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Indeed. Which is why I always find it weird when people say liberals dominate media. The biggest news station has a right slant and radio is completely dominated by conservative personalities.

I can’t remember whose joke it was. ‘Fox found a niche in the market, instead of standard media targeting, they instead aimed their marketing at the majority of the country.’

So why does 1 single cable channel = a dozen cable and regular channels?

That is the same as saying l have a 9000’ house and other guy says l have 6000’ house, lake house, ocean house, mountain cabin, 2 timeshares, class a motorhome…

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It must also be said that the Grey Lady has a far wider influence than just its own readership. It sets a lot of the news at local and international levels.

Looking at viewership/readership doesn’t, per se tell you how influential they are.

The argument can be made that MSDNC and CNN together have a slightly higher viewer ship, but that depends on the month. I have seen where Fox News has out performed both put together. CNN is in trouble though. They are having lay-offs and barely hanging on.