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Trouble with the T-Nation Blog


My apologies if this has been touched upon - I tried to post my first blog and it's says "Error posting Blog." I wrote it in Word and copied and pasted it. Here's a look at it:

I couldn?t think of a more appropriate way to start off my blog then the completion of my second marathon. Two years ago, I entered the New Jersey Marathon for my first 26.2 mile race, and finished in 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Well, a new job, a new home, and some crazy hours found my workouts sporadically popping up here and there and becoming almost non-existent. I packed on about 30 pounds from still eating the same amount of calories spread over 8 meals. So, when everything seemed to be settling down, I decided in January to give this race a go.

Training went well, and I was able to run in all the elements ? snow, rain, hail, all mixed in with some freezing temperatures and some beautiful days. My unique concern among most runners was holding on to my strength in the gym as my mileage continued to increase each week. I dropped the 30 pounds, but my strength levels basically stayed put. I credit diet, sleeping, and weekly massages to being able to recover throughout and hold on to a good amount of muscle.

The race was great. Both marathons have introduced me to some incredible people with some amazing stories that go beyond running 26.2 miles. I was able to finish 12 minutes faster at 4 hours and 8 minutes on a much tougher course. New Jersey?s Marathon is flat from start to finish. The Race of Champions is hilly, and the last 2 miles are a STEEP incline.

So, recovery now takes a front seat the next few days. I will lace up a new pair of running shoes for the summer and continue to build on what I?ve created. I will attempt to use this blog to chart my progress as I hope to prepare for the Philadelphia marathon in November. Over the next two months, my mileage will cut back from 40-50 miles a week to 25-30 miles and I will work on speed with an X-Vest. My gym time will hopefully find a focus on getting stronger and moving heavier weights.


I got it to work! I cut and pasted from this thread, and it took it. I guess you can't take stuff from Word.


I wish my knee would hold together to run that far. I have done 2 #150 mile bicycle tour they were a blast. It was ride all day and party at night.