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Trouble with the Snatch

hello again guys, im back with another question. I’ve been analyzing a bit of my footage from my past session as i’ve been bruising up my pubic bone lately (people have told me its because i let the bar get away from me - not using lats to pull bar into my lap), and i’m noticing that i’m not really getting much of double knee bend in my snatch and im wondering if this might be the cause of my pubic bone smashing? Also any tips on how to get a better bend? Should I stop straightening my legs so much at the second pull - ie. have a greater bend? I feel like if i fix this problem my whole snatch my finally come together


Can’t watch the vid due to my crap browser but the pubic bone issue is usually more to do with positioning than anything else eg the bar is at the wrong point when you drive the hips in. maybe try some classics off high blocks to help find the sweet spot. Re knee bend, this is a biomechanical by-product of good positioning and forceful/powerful hip extension ie unconscious; otherwise the movement will slow down, deform and segment the pull. The pull and catch should be one continuous accelerating motion.

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Stay over the bar longer, see my other post. I really think this will help. Your legs are straightening fine: you want and need this before the second pull to allow proper positioning and enough power generation. It allows some stretch reflex from the hamstrings that combine with a forceful hip and knee extension.