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Trouble with Start Position Sumo Deadlift


Hey everyone,

So I've been working with my deadlift quite a bit but to no avail. Initial start position is extremely poor, I accredit this to a weak low back along with poor hip and groin mobility. Unfortunately no video at this point but I'll get one up as soon as possible. Just trying to see how many of you guys have the same issue. Current max is 465 with this poor start position. I feel that if I can fix this one facet of the lift I'll be pulling 500 no problem. Thoughts or ideas please..


Well, a video will help a lot… But if you feel it’s due to a weak lower back and poor mobility, then why don’t you start there? get your lower Back strong with back extensions, reverse hyper, romanian deadlifts, heavy touch n go deadlifts, and get you mobility in order. Poor hip mobility and sumo stance do not go well together. If you KNOW those are the problems, then there aint nothin to it but to do it.


Some things that help really loosen up my hips for sumo are just more sumo work. My stance is semi-sumo, but if I feel too tight from not doing enough work or just sitting down too damn much, etc, I’ll throw in more higher rep technique work with some different lifts, like wider stance deficit pulls with an emphasis on hip torque and tension, as well as wide, low box squats.

Those exercises are pretty good warmups, too. The wide, low box squats are simplest and my personal favorite for prepping my hips.

Also, watch Dan Green(e?) deadlift, especially how he tightens up and focuses so much on position.