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Trouble with Squatting


I squat with a powerlifting style (wide stance and toes out). I've been having some pain in my right leg while squatting and for a minute or so afterwards. It's in the groid area that gets stretched by a butterfly stretch. It hurts more each time I squat. Is there something in ym form that could be causing this?


look up the Joe DeFranco lower body warm up on youtube it should be the first one with a good amount of views. I do that every day and twice on squat/deadlift days and my overall flexiblilty has gotten really good and I took the butterfly stretch out of my warm up. The main things that helped me were the groiners and mountain climbers ( you'll see them in the video ) and do wall squats with your arms spread outward and do 5x10 second holds and push the inside of your knees out with your elbows then to a few body weight air squats and do the same thing with your elbows. Literally took me less than 2 weeks to stop having groin pain and overall flexibility issues.


have you tried other styles of squatting to see if they don't cause the same pain? You could just be overworking your hip joint or some tendons in there. I used to have a similiar problem, and have since tried "olympic" style and both high and low bar parallel squats with narrower stances and haven't felt any hip pain since.


Flexibility and a glute weakness. I'm willing to bet its only one side. If its your left hip then your right glute is not firing correctly or vice versa. If it is both sides its more of a flexibility issue. Work on your hip and hamstring mobility and concentrate on bringing your glute and hamstrings up to par Hip Thrusts, Glute Hams, and Stiff Leg Deads.

or switch styles.


A 2nd voice in support of DeFranco's Agile 8. Did wonders for flexibility/mobility in the hip and groin area.

You'll need to post a video of the squat to get any helpful advice on whether it's something in your form and technique that could be causing the discomfort.


Agile 8...I 3rd it. It's a miracle cure for so many of the ills that come with reads and squats.


In addition to the afore mentioned remedies, consider moving your stance in a little bit. An inch or two may alieviate your problem especially if you squat wide and raw. Maybe consider getting some squat briefs to give your hips a break. Don't be afraid to try multiple things. The goal here is to identify what is causing your problem and how to eliminate it or at least mitigate it.

Lastly, when you say toes out, how far out? too much makes my groin ache a bit too. Maybe set up with feet more forward and straight.


Thanks, I'll try those suggestions.
I don't want to switch styles because I'm trying to get into powerlifting.


And another:

These guys don't squat wide at all but are moving A LOT of weight. Like I've said before on the forums, all 'powerlifting squat' really means is the squat that YOU can lift the most weight with. I'm not saying that a wide stance with flared toes isn't the right style for you, I'm just suggesting not being dogmatic about what is and isn't a PL squat.


Like everyone has said do some flexibility and mobility. but also if your still new to looking into powerlifting don't be afraid to play around with the squat stance to find your strongest position just like others have said. if your too wide for your body your hips will take a beating. if you want to get into gear lifting then go ahead and get some and it will help protect your hips in the hole.


So powerlifters can squat with any style?
I'm kinda new to this, so I don't know the competition rules yet.
My flexibility is pretty bad, so that could definitely be part of it.
I've been doing stronglifts for about a month and just used 205 for squatting today, but it was hurting pretty bad while I was doing it.
I'll try stretching more any maybe experiment with other styles


It just has to be a back squat and the crease of your hip has to go below the top of your knees.


don't forget to foam roll your groin. you might want to do this at home. i find where my adductors attach gets a bit ropy with wide stance, yeah. wide stance recruits the adductors more. i find my hip flexors take the beating when i narrow up my stance...