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Trouble with Overseas Sources


I'm having an unusual amount of trouble with my overseas sources. One double charged me, another source was busted by customs, etc.

Am I just having a streak of bad luck or are other folks having trouble too??


If you used a credit card you are not to smart. Second if your dealing with a legit source send them the seizure letter and they should replace it.. Be patient, hang around different boards and learn. If you did use a credit, close it down, and get another one,


what do you use if you dont use a credit card or do you just go buy one of those pre-payed visa cards and use that?


Most legit sources use Western union. It does not leave a paper trail like a credit card does. Stay sway from sites that offer credit card purchases, and do not use your credit card to purchase anything that is illegal.


Western union, but first find a legit source. PATIENCE !!! These mother fuckers are still probally charging your card, put a block on it. Or call you cc and tell them you never made that purches.


PM me the overseas dick you gave money to.