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trouble with my

Finished a combined upper and lower Ian King program a while back, took a week off, and saw the rest-pause article here and decided to give it a try. The program, as described, looked kinda candy ass to me, so I drew my own based on the plan. Mine is a full body , 3 day split, built around deadlifts, chins, bench, and squat. I’ve been doing the program as described with differant execises. So far I like the program except for the deadlifts. I can do 345 for a triple (end of Ians program) but find I am getting weaker on the deadlift as opposed to stronger. All of my other lifts are working great, and progressing nicely. Today my form on deads was so bad I just passed them by. OK, I guess there is a reason this guy did not include deads in the program. What do you guys think, try to fight my way through that shit or sub in another exercise, if so what. I apparently have a little psychological thing about deadlifting and squatting. I feel kinda like a pussy for backing out today even though intellectually I’m pretty sure it was the right call. Any feedback or suggestions appreciated

I find that not all rep techniques work for all exercises. Maybe rest-pause just won’t work for you with deads. It’s not the end of the world. Train them in the most productive manner possible and only do rest-pause with things that it works for.