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Trouble with Medco

Just wondering if anyone had this issue w Medco. I have been on T replacement for about a year now. Typical stuff 100mg of T cyp total per week, HCG, 250iu EOD. I sent another refill and they are refusing to fill the prescription. I was told that they are concerned with my health and potential risk of cardiovascular disease and they do not agree with my doctors prescription so they will not fill it??? (prior to this they asked for my blood-work and they did receive it) My levels are all within normal ranges, T and Free T are actually a tiny bit bellow the middle of the ranges. Everything else, Cholesterol, Triglycerides etc is within the normal ranges so I don’t get it at all. I’m going to see my doc later today, but from speaking with him on the phone I can tell he is very frustrated with Medco. They were calling his office and asking for this or that for about two weeks now.

Yep had the same issue. They told me they don’t agree with my cocktail of drugs.
They are covering it though through my local Pharmacy but only a 21 day supply at a time.

go talk to your HR department. I for one (being in HR) would be extremely interested in having a conversation with our insurance broker if our drug insurance company was second guessing a licensed doctor’s prescription.

I was told to use Medco for long term medications(cholesterol lowering drugs etc.) I use medco for my Crestor refils but was completely denied regarding a RX for T Cyp. For one, my insurance doesn’t cover it and even if they did Medco told me that don’t even carry T Cyp. I was however allowed a RX for Testim from them. I don’t understand the insurance companies. They will cover Testim but not T Cyp and why does Medco carry Testim but not T Cyp. It’s interesting that you were initially given T Cyp from Medco. I was under the impression from my experience that they don’t even have it. I ended up just paying full price from Costco which cost me around $80 for a 10ML Bottle of Watson.

My doc wrote me another script and I had it filled at the local pharmacy. One bottle of 2000mg/10ml (200mg/ml) should last me 4 months or so. $80. Pharmacist said insurance will cover it. Will see. It appears that they just no longer want want to fill mail orders. My doc thinks they are afraid of potential liability, but even that is weird since it’s the doctors call not theirs. On the plus side they used to send me T cyp that was 100mg/ml so now I’ll have to inject half the volume of oil.

oceanminded - they do cary it, you can check their site, generic and brand names.
PureChance - I agree but feel funny going to HR to complain that I’m not getting my T, I might get accused of roid rage LOL

Heh, any HR person that did that would find themselves out of a job (or possibly even career).

The head pharmacist of Accredo which actually handles the specialty drugs like Test,HCG,and AI’s for medco told me they would still send me a 90 day supply through the mail for my copay but I had to pick only one med. It’s the cocktail they don’t agree with. They have still been covering all 3 through local pharmacy though.

i was getting my test script for my low testosterone through medco mail order90 day supply for 6 years … now this year they called me and said they were not going to fill it anymore… i had y dcotor write me another scipt i just went to a local pharmacy and paid cas for the 10 ml/200mg … so to the other guy medco denied you to fiil trough mail order ? but it was covered at the local pharacy? i didnt even try to use my insurance card there i just paid cash.

i was getting my script for my low tetosterone filled trough medco mail order 90 day supply for my co pay for six years, this year i got a call from a speacilty pharmacist saying they were not going to fill it anymore and were telling me about side affects i.e heart disease ect. and saying that i was going to a family doctor … she went onto say i needed to go to an endo, and this was the medco pharmacist. so my doc wrote another script and i went a regular local pharmacy and paid cash… to the other guy did medco mail order refuse to pay and use used the isurance at a local pharacy and they covered it? i didnt even try me insurance card at the local pharmacy jut paid cas like 90 dollars…