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Trouble with lifts from the hang

I know that lifts from the hang are supposed to be technicaly easier, but i seem to have trouble with my form ( feet pop out to the side, not pulling the bar high enough) when i do them. Does anyone have some advice on how I can turn this around?

you should post a clip, hard to say. I would say lack of triple extension.

" feet pop out to the side, not pulling high enough…"
hey that sounds like cool j’s form :slight_smile: but you forgot to add " my maxes are really only 75% of my max but i like to call them my max lifts so someday everyone will be like “holy shit that coolj can lift alot”. ha ha ha.
seriously though, i would try to post some vid somewhere if youre serious about this.

good luck,
ryan b.

ps, yeah coolj, what the hell–you can squat 400+ and youre snatching less than 200. come on man…

I don’t think that you’re going low enough into the power position (hard to say without seeing though.)

Do a set of Vertical Jumps prior to each set of Hangs (rest 30-45 seconds in between), the staring positions should be roughly the same.

Sounds like you’re banging the bar off your thighs which causes you to cut the pull short. During the descent and during the pull the bar should only “brush” the thighs. Squating a little deeper when receiving the bar may help the feet from going out so wide.

Not really advice but I did 275x4 on hang cleans yesterday. I should clean more than once a year.

Actually Goldie, with your natural speed/explosiveness combined with strength you should be in strongman.

Duh. :wink:

Naturally explosive and fast, but not naturally strong. Im still waiting on my man strength to come around.

Goldberg - Have you ever thought about doing strongman? Sorry about the hijack :slight_smile:

Yeah. When I was 10. Im strictly powerlifting for now.

ps, yeah coolj, what the hell–you can squat 400+ and youre snatching less than 200. come on man…

Well Ryan, I can’t fullsquat over 400, let alone 385lbs :slight_smile:
Maybe 365. I think I could powersnatch 175lbs from the floor if fresh right now, not sure. Snatch is my weaker lift. You would think that if I can hit my chin with 195lbs on a powerclean I would be able to powersnatch it, but I can’t. Form issue perhaps. I wouldn’t be able to support it above anyway…

50% of a squat for powersnatch sounds about right. I’m a better squatter than I am a puller though.