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Trouble With Hack Squats

I’m working on the 10x3 For Fat Loss program and I can’t seem to perform this lift correctly.

I stand in front of the bar with my legs touching. I squat down to pick up the bar and when I lift, the bar hits my backside and I have to roll my hips forward to stand all the way up. This is causing my lower back to bend a bit, and I don’t want to get hurt.

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong?

Use less weight.

Just wait until you have a few years of heavy sqauts and DL’s in you and have built up big hams and glute they rub even more in this exercise. Its one of the things that happen the bar will rub on the way up.

Drop the load a bit like the above said and get used to the move. b ut yes you should have to move the hips forward some but not bend back it’d be more of an advanteg to stay Upright allowing the bar to stay back.