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Trouble With Gaining Weight


well i have been working out for a while now. About 8 weeks, now i now you dont start seeing some good results until the 6th week but im past that an i do have to admit i have seen major results. I mean my pullups, pushups, squat,bench and all have gone up in weight and reps and my body looks more deffined and stronger.

But there is a problem i am still only somewere between 145-148 (using a old scale and i cant really get the right weight).I mean im sure im sopposed to gain weight before i started this i was about 147lbs and 12% bodyweight.

Did i lose some fat or soemthing, i have working out 5 days a week and really training hard. i did start eating well to and drinking alot of milk. Whats wrong with me?

  1. Do squats

  2. Eat anything that isn't moving. If it is moving, chase it down and eat it.


Eat a hambur- no, wait... PIIIZZZAAA! Yeah.
Oh, and learn how to use punctuation. And correct spelling. The act of concentrating on correct finger placement (spelling), and the additional reps (by adding in the punctuation) will create tension in your digits, which, by the force of irradiation, will transfer to the rest of your musculature, thereby stimulating your enitre body to grow. As you type, spread the floor with your feet, and clench your glutes for added lower-body involvement.

Bam. Weight gain.
(a few extra chicken breasts mixed with lifting heavy shit never hurt anyone, either.)


Kinda obvious, isn't it? Eat more...


Eat like there's no tomorrow


eat anything and everything with tortillas. good luck



First, 8 weeks isn't "a while." There are guys I workout with that have been lifting longer than I've been alive.

2nd, it's possible your shifted body composition to more muscle.

Just do what everyone said, squat more and heavier, it makes the body release more muscle builder hormones due to the stress.

And eat anything and everything.

Fast food's not off limits if all you want is mass. Use it smartly though, don't eat it all day long, you'll just get fat, but if you're in a hurry there's nothing wrong with it while bulking.


Take a look at the "Art of the Binge" thread. That should help.

  1. Deadlift HEAVY
  2. Squat HEAVY
  3. EAT
  4. Squat

A good quote by JB:
"If I wasn't eating I wasn't growing"


You might want to post your routine in detail here for the pros to comment on. Training hard the 'wrong way' may be part of the problem. Hopefully too you're reading about proper rest, pwo meals, proper protein intake amounts relative to your body weight. Perhaps adding here a basic outline of what meals you generally eat too would be a good idea.

Have you read this site's articles on 'bulking'? You said you got an old weight scale... get a new one so you know for sure if you're gaining weight or things are at a standstill.

Also weight gain measuring on the scales may mislead you-even though you should be packing on the pounds your seeming success on the scales may be all going around the gut. Take into consideration measuring your body to gauge your progress too.

Last year I put on 40lbs 'bulking'- on a lacto-vegetarian diet. So whatever diet you're on, you should make good gains too. Many here say eat everything, but you should again do some research on what's best to eat and when best to eat. If you're training hard, don't let it go to waste or prolong it by not eating very well. Avoid junk food, and anything else that'll rob your energy or crap up your guts. Like others say you should be thinking long-term. You might find fast gains are fast lost too. Perhaps aim for gaining 1lb every 2 weeks. In a year that's a solid total gain providing you're consistent and disciplined.


man you must have aids
seriously though eat more and read some more so what you know what to eat more off

or maybe it your genetics


If your not gaining weight your not eating enough. However much you think your eating,your wrong.


You need two things, a big jar of mayonnaise and a nearby KFC. Go get some KFC and smother it in mayo. Then go do some training when you don't feel gresy and bloated any more.


The obligatory response....EAT

But in all honesty, you have been working out for 8 damn weeks. Have some friggin patience.


Hahaha ok nvm.

My scale was wrong, stupid broken scale.

I gained 10lbs yeaaaaaaaaaa


hey man you could burn to many cal chasing it down just trap it or chuck rocks at it




Eat KFC and Taco Bell in between your sets of 20 rep squats.

Just kidding....don't do 20 rep squats.


lol i was actually planning on doing 20 rep squats, but i was gonna wait for summer.

Why? why not do them?


I used to think I could never put on weight until I realized that I simply just wasn't eating as much as I thought I was. I started Rippetoes Starting Strength the first week of February, have been drinking one gallon of milk per day on top of normal diet, and have gone from 6'2 195 to 216 lbs as of monday.