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Trouble with Focus on TRT

Hi Guys - I’ll start this post with saying that I’m one of those guys that first started my TRT journey by going to a “t-mill” four years and working with a highly uneducated HRT doctor. He was quick to prescribe me 200/mg per week of test cyp, 1500 iu’s 2x per week of HCG, and 1 mg of anastrozole 3x per week as a starting dose. Needless to say, it was the rollercoaster from hell once all these medications kicked in. I quickly learned that I’d need to educate myself and start the journey to find a doctor who knew what the hell he was doing.

I recently found a great doctor out of TN that is extremely progressive and on the cutting edge of this medicine. He’s a wealth of knowledge and has great insight. I’m writing this post as I’m curious as to how the members of this forum deal with/ if anyone is experiencing trouble focusing and overall decreased cognition while on TRT. When my T levels reach a point of me feeling the true benefits of testosterone, my mental focus becomes cloudy and I enter a fog like daze a lot of the time. I become very sensitive to caffeine, my focus goes to shit, and my overall cognition just goes down a notch. I will say that I’m fully convinced (largely in part to this new doctor) that estrogen is not to blame for this. I don’t believe in nor do I take an AI.

Does anyone have any insight on the above, or potentially any supplements, or secondary blood tests I should be running to try and alleviate the issue?

I appreciate everyones feedback. Thanks!

Have your DHEA-S levels been checked? I assume you have discussed this with your doctor?

Yes. My DHEA level was at 144.3. The new doctor I am seeing advised to take 50mg DHEA every morning. I’ve been doing so for a couple of weeks now.

Ive had this issue for years and have yet to find a cure. I supplement DHEA and pregnenalone but neither have helped. Blood tests showed them both to be low normal. Im not sure where they fall now however so I may just need more. Once restrictions are lifted I will get some blood work done. Good luck to you.

Sounds good, many report improvement in mental clarity, brain fog, etc. with DHEA.

Good to know! Thank you. I’ll report back in a few weeks.

Start taking 25mg pregnenolone in the morning.

Will improve mental

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Thanks! I’m going to keep the DHEA going for a bit first so I can tell if it’s working, then I’ll add in the Pregnenolone.

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How long have you been with the new doc from TN. I think we have the same doc.

If you just started on this I would suggest giving it time. like 3-4 months at least. Also, dont mess with the dose until you’ve given it enough time and spoken to your doctor.

I can tell you that I have much better focus and clarity of mind with thyroid being optimized , but I need that stuff. Not sure if you do.

I would add the preg now. Im sure he gave you a script. Dont wait. Its either going to work or not. Preg helps men with memory and other issues. DHEA also helps. I would take both. there’s no harm and side effects are usually minimal if any. Just get it from the pharmacy not amazon. quality suppmenets are needed so you can ensure you get the right dose every time.

We may have the same doctor. He actually suggested thryoid meds but didn’t want me to change my hormone therapy all at once. I switched to daily injections after my lab work was done. The Thyroid numbers tested were (triiodothyronine free - 2.8) (thyroxine.free -.87), and (thyrotropin- 1.8). Where did your numbers fall pre thyroid meds?

Tier1 right? If he says so I trust you are in good hands.