Trouble with Estradiol Control

Hi. I’m having trouble controlling estrodial. Feel like it so up and down. Went from 34 to 14. In three weeks. How fast does atomized work and how often do I need it. I’m in month 6 of trt. I take 25 units 3 days a week along with 30 hcg. Thx guys

Let’s see a full set of labs, Total T, Free T, and SHBG. Perhaps the ups and downs is do to your protocol, SHBG should be known before choosing an injection frequency. HCG increases estrogen so if taking it infrequently, I would expect ups and downs.

Describe dosing in mg, describing in units will cause people to not reply because testosterone comes in different strengths and leads to more questions.

I inject 24mg every 2 days 24 units from a 100mg vial. If I was injecting 24 units from a 200mg vial, it would be 48mg.