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Trouble with Cutting, Need Help

Ok so I’ve stopped losing weight and not sure as to why. I just got off the V-Diet after losing 12 lbs on it. Now I’m still on a low calorie diet with most of it being protein/fat. I take in roughly 1500-1700 calories a day and am currently trying my first round of EDT. I have lacrosse practice 5 days a week which is a good amount of cardio and am doing 3 sessions of traditional type cardio per week in the mornings.

That being said, I haven’t lost anything since about the 3rd week of the V-Diet (almost 3 weeks ago) and am kind of stuck. As far as supplements go I’m taking a fat burner (D4 Thermal Shock by cellucor, not HOT-ROX I know but I get it for free from my work) and am taking Flameout as well as Metabolic Drive for my shakes. Here is a link to my log and any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


For the record I’ve been dieting since jan 2nd and have lost a total of 14 lbs, almost all of it being on the v-diet. So all help would be appreciated.

Hmm anyone?

Try upping your calories a bit and see what happens.

the last 10 lbs is always the hardest to lose,your metabolism has slowed down due to the impressive weight loss you have achieved so far,so a few more carbs occasionally and some very heavy lifting to fire it back up probably wouldn’t hurt. your probably at the stage when you need to be very strict, no drinking.

i noticed on your old workout you said your strength was going up, even while you are in a calorie deficit. this is very good, so why change it? important to stick with what is working and avoid change for change’s sake.

hope this helps, i don’t profess to be any great expert but it does work for me. i’m in a fat loss stage at the moment myself but i try to keep my weight loss to a max of 1 lb per week personally.

I changed it because I felt as though my metabolism wasn’t being as high as it could be if I were doing EDT. A lot of the reason my strength was going up was due to me not training my lower body much at all for a few months due to 2 torn ligaments in my ankle and a torn calf muscle. So a lot of my strength gains were on deadlift/squat. I don’t think I saw any gains on upper body movements. I’ll try upping my calories a tad. I’m not drinking at all until I get to where I want.

Anyone think Surge post-cardio would be beneficial? Or just stick with Metabolic Drive?

Adding more solid foods as the days after V-Diet go on and that seems to be helping a little. Still not quite satisfied. Any and all help would be appreciated.

You thought about doing a 3 day low carb, 1 day ‘almost’ normal carbs? Helps keep the body from thinking your in starvation mode some and will usualy help kick start it a little more. Like it was said, losing the last bit is the tuffest.

Yah I’ve thought about it. Would normal carb be around 200 grams carbs? for 186-190 lb person?

150-200g bout normal.