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Trouble with Bulking while Dropping Fat Percentages?

much better though, well gear comes after you have reached certain level tho. btw thanks dude

my bench is 170lbs and my incline is 140lbs and my deadlift is 300lbs and now it when down since i got exam stoped for weeks abit less 264lbs. all of its based on one rep max. This stat is current one and my last cycle was stoped in february 2016 which is 250 mg/week and weeks only but no pct. So far i kept and o had some fat gain since my diet is not clean and im going to gym less in one week since im concentrating on exams. Can you give me any advice on gear stacks for my third cycle aswell. Thats my current look in the dp btw.

Do this.

Don’t do this.

Don’t listen to people who tell ypu to do dumb shit like this and tell you it’s “hypertrophy training”. They are either trying to sell you something or they are noobs who listened to people trying to sell them something.

Just my .02, looking at your pic, your stats and your posts, you are not even close to your genetic limit, in size or strength. If your muscles don’t look like you train, train harder bro and learn to eat to get the results you want. While I don’t use gear, I have no problem with those that do, I think IF that’s the choice you make you should have maxed out your genetic potential and have your training and nutrition down to a science, executing consistent training and nutrition for years before even considering gear. There are literally thousands of articles on this website that can answer your questions if you search for them.

Have you ever tracked your calories and macros every single day to ensure exactly what you’re getting? I am sure the answer is “no” because if you had, you’d gain weight. It’s not rocket science man, eat more than you burn. If you can’t track macros and cals, your laundry list of drugs doesn’t seem like the right course of action.

Here’s a start:
Training: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/indigo-project
Nutrition: https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/how-bodybuilders-should-eat

After two full cycles and years of training, your lifts are still in the beginner bracket and you look like you have trained for maybe a year. Yeah, 95% says you’re a troll and 5% says I don’t even know what’s going on.

I feel for you man and it seems like you got some great work done. I posted two articles in my last post that you should read, internalize and apply the info. Great training program and great nutrition plan.

Side note, hard to tell looking at your pics, in your last pic your upper body is looking pretty solid but legs seem lacking, how hard are you training your legs compared to your upper body? You’ll be surprised how much squatting and deadlifting can add mass all over.

Regarding your training, training every rep to failure does not necessarily constitute efficient training, nor is it necessarily the best way to grow. I’ve found training hard with intensity, approaching fail within 1 rep but not going to it, and saving failure for the very end of my workouts have allowed me more consistent growth.

Can you be more specific as to the macros you tried in your diet? A “high protein” diet doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to grow, and also doesn’t give any specifics. Your carbs and fats and overall calories have to be considered also. I actually lowered protein a while ago and have been having better gains with it as I can fit in more carbs. Again I really think you should read the articles I posted, try the training and nutrition and be meticulous with it. It’s a lot of work (it only seems like a lot of work at first) but once you get used to the life style, the training and nutrition becomes second nature.

Finally, I just want to reiterate that IMO you should not be on a cycle right now, you should prioritize learning how to train and eat properly and consistently. I am not knowledgeable on the subject of pharma, but I do know a thing or two about training and nutrition, and you have a long way to go until you’re ready to take the next step. You seem like you’re super overwhelmed with everything, just read the articles and apply them.

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I look at your progress pics when natural and, taking into account your strength levels, I do not see someone with bad genetics. I see someone who has stalled because he has been doing too much junk volume in the gym without any focus on progression.

What is your workout and diet like?

Trying so hard man and i really wanted improve my physique btw im in off cycle since my last on february, sustanon cycle. I find it hard to put on muscles though and my aim is to step foot on tier 4 ifbb show men’s physique though. i wish i could go for it. im trying to get much infos as possible while im in semester and im doing like said like gathering infos and all since you’d recommend me to read some articles i should take note btw.

take a look at my legs while on natural cut down but the leg seem to be same this one after winstrol cycle
[quote=“robstein, post:25, topic:223237”]
Can you be more specific as to the macros you tried in your diet? A “high protein” diet doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to grow, and also doesn’t give any specifics. Your carbs and fats and overall calories have to be considered also.
About that i had a ratio around 40% protein or more at times 50% carbs like sweet potatoes, yam or brown rice, FAts 15-20% only in between those when i was in sustanon cycle. right now im just researching more about it and im planinng to cycle on this coming dcember in proper and perfect way this time. If you have any other suggestions, ill be much obliged man!

hmmm yeap i didnt record any of my gym stats but previously during natural but i do took mass gainers to up my calories and i was in learning process still the training was very basic like chest tri, back bi, and it follows. but i gained alot fats and water though while on natural the 1st pic. then i cutdown to 79kg natural(it took 5 months only) burn alot of muscle mass too i think, and also which my diet like protein and low or no carbs and fats too after 6 pm and i was still resaerching and reading through some articles in internet and alot of questions and doubts came into my mind so i search the web through . Now i have gained a pretty much cleared with bodybuilding about the diets and stuffs and had doubts still. so The cycles diet was very clean and i only had high protein medium ranged carbs based and didnt care much about the fats and for the workout as mentioned it was mixed like i have trisets week and normal each body part each day but all more than 13 workouts though.Moreover, AS far as i see i just leaned out but put on some few quality pounds of muscle and more like little haha. Quite depressing when u put on alot of works and time and also money and you didnt get much improvement though. so i had to get some serious knowledge on my mind before going to build that physique. Any advice?

Gotcha, thanks for posting more pics.

Since you seem very motivated to reach your goals, I’ll give you my honest opinion. You have a very long road ahead of you to get on an IFBB stage in any field. Not saying it can’t be done, but I don’t think you understand the level of dedication, consistency, the lifestyle of someone who competes, especially at that level. There are some good contest prep logs in the Bodybuilding forum of this website that you should check out to get some more insight.

@The_Mighty_Stu Mighty's Contest Updates & Q&A Thread
@BrickHead Leaning Out/Contest Prep Thread
My thread: Rob's Road to Hercules: Contest Prep

Again, I will recommend reading the articles I posted and applying the information. The biggest secret to success is consistency. Years of it. It seems like you want someone to tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. If that’s what you want, hire a coach. If you don’t want to hire a coach, read the articles. Seriously, T-Nation is an incredible resource. There are thousands of articles and forums, you can easily learn EVERYTHING you need to know just by taking enough time to read, internalize and apply.


doesnt mean the road is far, it cant be reachable but i do believe in visualizing myself into someone just like the way Sadik Hadzovic visualizes. The key is believe in the goal and thus believe in yourself thats what it bring me atleast to this far though. I have learn alot along the way but i do know i have to keep on moving tho n learn too. Thanks man i’ll read it through and atleast you gave me some help man. btw do u know any official coach for ifbb but with good price though hahaha. Thanks alot bro for your concern and acknowledgement!!:smile:

Do keep in touch man. atleast i can share my journey with you!
I might update my physique improvements here too!

Yeah you are at a beginner level on the big lifts and therefore miles away from even considering gear. There are young girls on youtube lifting more than that.
Do one of these and your strength and overall muscle will go up fast…

Ask either Wendler or Thib some questions in their forum also


As I said earlier, I definitely agree with you that it CAN be achieved, no doubt about it. And positive visualization is a great tool, the most successful people in the world do it.

It definitely can be reached and I’m not saying it can’t, but honestly bro it is VERY FAR and that cannot be understated. You need to get much bigger and a hell of a lot stronger. I’d recommend establishing short term goals (bulking, bringing up weak points, etc.) and long term goals (looking like an off-season competitor within a year or two.)

Lol, well, it’s not like coaches are IFBB certified or anything. If you’re serious about it, just try finding a coach who has achieved their own success, has helped others successfully, who you get along with, who you feel will give you enough time and attention and not just give you the same plan they give everyone else, take your money and say “good luck.” I am coaching 4 clients currently, and as I learned from my coach, I don’t take on more than I can handle, or more than allows me to give each person the amount of time they deserve.

will try though its not too late to improve. Alright i noted that.

aye,aye haha alright. noted.

I’ll try to do on my own for now and to gather the knowledge i need might take some time but who knows when u meet with the right masters(coaches) along the way should be a blessings man haha. anyways thanks for your advice man. MOST IMPORTANTLY STRONG WILL IS A POWERFUL TOOL. May the will be with you man!!!

The basics is, you either bulk or cut first to use the correct compounds maximized effectiveness. I was gaining lean mass and dropped 2-3% bf just taking test… its all about diet and lifting heavy, you will gain and lose slowly… on a controlled diet and plan…the best part about test is that it keeps your bodies hormones from jumping ship when you are on a low deficit and helps conserve or build muscle unlike just doing it naturally which is impossible especially for a veteran…however it will be better to just flat out bulk then cut you will get the best end results. I never really had a problem dieting so all my cycles were mostly centered around bulking, you want to maintain that mass over 3-4 months before you cut (after your cycle is over) this will get your body used to the new added mass and calorie intake, your body will not keep 12-20 lb of mass you put on from 3 months of training then just let you cut some body fat off you will lose alot of gains if you dont know what you are doing and end up looking slightly better than what you did when you started…i say you do some more research before you take any of these compounds especially tren and deca.

I know you want to look good and have mass but this shit takes time even with compounds… you either look beast temporarily and fuck it up at pct and recovery and then end up looking and feeling like shit for months… or you do it right the first time.

I see. Quite a lot of things to remember I feel like it might take forever and it goes on though. And how do you do it right ? Can you elaborate abit more? And as far as you stated you were right about the slightly better than before thing. Hmmm

Again, I’m not trying to be a dick. Just telling it like it is. If you had any idea about proper training your arms wouldn’t be bigger than your legs. The fact that your have a pretty decent upper body with calves as big around as your wrists leads me to believe you don’t squat or deadlift(or train lower body much in general) which further leads me to believe that you do not have a solid understanding of training. Any number of CT or 531 programs will get you much farther than taking gear before you’re ready

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Hmmm I did train but it lagged behind but now I have learned more bout legs and I wish to improve further. I’ll give it a try with the knowledge I got and ill try to expand it though but btw [quote=“lord_humongous, post:37, topic:223237”]
Any number of CT or 531 programs will get you much farther than taking gear before you’re ready
Is this programs in t-nation?

Shit tons. CTs Power Look Program is good, and Jim Wendlers 531 has a few articles on here, but you’d be better off spending $20 and getting the 531 second edition book. It literally has years and years of workout programs. Make sure you follow them exactly as is as long as you can