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Trouble with Bulking while Dropping Fat Percentages?

I wanted to bulk and cut at the sametime with this option tes/deca or test/tren or test/equipose
and my diet will be totally clean and i havent plan completely yet, im aiming more towards protein macros for caloric surplus and i eager to bulk some lean muscle mass while droping some fat percentages too.Guys can you’ll give and not that I have zero knowledge about my diets and workout plans and give me a good workout plan or guides for this too since im looking towards it as well. Any advices will be good.

So your taking all types of drugs but have no idea how to train or what to do with nutrition.

good luck.


In terms of the drugs you use, that’s entirely your call, I don’t really give out advice for specific stacks to use as it’s more of a personal decision.

My advice to you would be to first learn the basics of nutrition and training and see what results you can gain from increasing your knowledge before taking the drugs. Not trying to discourage you or anything, but if you ask most of the strongest people in the world, they will agree that you should aim to see where you can go naturally before taking drugs.

In terms of decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass, it’s largely a combination of all 3 (nutrition, ‘supplementation’ and training). Stick to the big compound lifts (i.e. squat, bench, deadlift, row, overhead press etc.) and moderate rep ranges (avoiding maxing out due to risk of injury whilst taking specific substances - depends what you take). Occasionally include some high intensity conditioning for the fat loss side of things.

Like I said, personally I would recommend learning the basics of nutrition and training first before making the decision to take drugs. Not got anything against it, just think you should learn more about it.

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I mean this in the nicest way possible, but taking gear when you have no clue about training or nutrition is fucking stupid. I tried that before, trying to run a cycle with little understanding of the basics. It fucked me over, and was the dumbest decision I’ve made in a while. Just run 531, learn the calories and macro ratios that work best for you, and eat a lot around workout time. Simple enough

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Bro I have been training for years and I just been only two basic cycles so far, which sustanon 8 weeks and winstrol 8 weeks with low dosages so far. I already tried eating 6-7 meals a day which include high clean protein and also carbs too. Is just I find it hard to put on mass even with good diet and more than u said too. Maybe I write a bit less sorry, as far as I know I cant grow anymore naturally but muscles still look like average 1 years of training. I’m looking towards the gear just to put on mass since my goal is aesthetic based. Thanks for your advice though I will never stop learning even if I in advance level.

Sorry I didn’t stated there. I already learn about the food,diets carb cycling, protein cycling and etc and thus workout types too and it’s not that I don’t have any idea on my workouts I tried many workout routines so far and still I find it hardly build muscle though lacked to provide the info above right there sorry tho. Any how, any suggestions?

Dude judging much just by reading the briefly described article? Im just asking gear stack option and not taking all drugs. Lol Dude sorry to say I have been training quite longer than u think but the muscle grows really slow and sometime not even growing even with clean caloric surplus but unlike dirty caloric surplus I just put on a lot fats than muscle which reallyx3 low. The workout is totally hardcore I even tried 5 trisets in one day routine while I’m sustanon cycle, (I have history on only 2 cycles only with one compound so far which is sustanon and winstrol)

Since I don’t know genetic or what my muscle didn’t growING now like I mentioned above.In this article I’m just looking for info that I can to my new workout and diet blueprint based on my experience and others experience I have collected. It’s been 4 years (3 years of natural bulking and two cycles of one compound) right now I’m just lacking gears knowledge and I believe I know how to plan my diets as well. I just need your advice, to collect from thanks btw

All that post has done is confirm what I posted above.

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Dude, if this would be your third cycle, you reeeally should already have your diet and training thought out. Both of those should be on a level where you really don’t need that much advice even before your first cycle.

dude even if i did two cycle before, its still basic dude, and i dont think
knowledge is always enough and im going for third cycle and make sure ill
get everything right since i dont want to do any mistakes.Therefore, theres
no such a thing as enough knowledge. Remember known is a drop, unknown is
an ocean. you keep this in your mind dude.

True, if we weren’t talking about the equivalent of not knowing calculus 101 and trying to participate in algebra courses.

Yea dude at least I’m trying to get know what to do by asking and researching before going into any gears but I can see how smart can you be by just with sarcastic comments . All the best dude for smart way of bodybuilding method of yours.

Where in your first post does it mention you are not planning on using gear?

where in your first post does it mention that your trying to learn how to train and eat in order to maximise your potential before starting gear?

it does say however that your planning on running a cycle and have no idea how to train or eat. And you have stated that you have done previous cycles. You have also stated that you can’t grow anymore but still look average

what you have stated shows you have no clue, if someone has trained for so long with such poor results does it indicate they know what they are doing and have exhausted there natural potential?

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I don’t use gear or post in the Pharma section really, but I always follow threads like this so I can learn what not to do if I ever make that decision.

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When I mention I have no idea u should have know I’m looking for ideas for add on to my new workout and diet blueprint which is that and you straight away judged that I have no idea what I’m doing wtf dude. Btw forgive me if I didn’t wrote there clearly, as far as you commented I assume u know more bout bodybuilding, but why you didn’t know a someone who posted in forum for a good reason which he can take many advices and suggestions for personal reference just to get the appropriate knowledge. I research too dude before I came to the forum. It’s just that I feel it’s not enough and I also though I might have something missing in my plans. Came on dude your a bodybuilder and not everyone in your daily life you can speak bout and ask for info from them since their are not into bodybuilding you know. Just advice, give suggestions why see negative when you can do something positive dude.

Pick a proven program. And work at getting stronger and getting a better mind muscle connection.

Eat slightly above maintenence while hitting your macros with as much coming from whole foods.

forget drugs exist.

Start a topic without the mention of gear

Be consistent.

rest and recover

Is that better?

What do you bench, incline bench and deadlift?

much better though, well gear comes after you have reached certain level tho. btw thanks dude

my bench is 170lbs and my incline is 140lbs and my deadlift is 300lbs and now it when down since i got exam stoped for weeks abit less 264lbs. all of its based on one rep max. This stat is current one and my last cycle was stoped in february 2016 which is 250 mg/week and weeks only but no pct. So far i kept and o had some fat gain since my diet is not clean and im going to gym less in one week since im concentrating on exams. Can you give me any advice on gear stacks for my third cycle aswell. Thats my current look in the dp btw.

Do this.

Don’t do this.

Don’t listen to people who tell ypu to do dumb shit like this and tell you it’s “hypertrophy training”. They are either trying to sell you something or they are noobs who listened to people trying to sell them something.