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Trouble with Bench and OHP Progress

Hi, my name is Boris im new here.
Im having hard time to increase my pushing movements bench and ohp although the weights not high(bench 180~x5 ohp 115~x5)
Training for 1.8y on a caloric surplus,175 cm 75kg 14~bf.
Training 5 times a week
Doing Upper/lower/rest/Legs/push/pull
On the upper is heavy bench and on the push heavy ohp(first exercises)
Heres a videos



How, exactly, have you been training? Exercises, sets, and reps.

And how long have you been stuck at those weights?

Are the bench/overhead numbers in pounds or kg?

In kgs ohp 55kgx5
Bench 85kgx5

Upper goes like this
Bench 3-5x4
When hit 5x4 add weight and decrease reps to 3x4
Pull ups 5x5
Incline dumbell press 4x8-10
Seated shuolder press 3x8
Barbell row 4x6

Push day
Ohp 3-5x4
Close grip bench press 4x8-12
Incline dumbell press 3x10
Chest fly 2x15
Lateral raises 3x15

The weights very inconsistent for months and cant get to 90kg bench for reps and 60kg ohp for reps

What about 87.5 kg and 57.5 kg? That’s still a significant improvement if you can do it. Five kilos for one rep is a big leap, let alone for three to five reps n

Definitely, the weights i wrote are long termish goals im not expecting to get it in a month or two.
But i think im weak for my size and training time.
People smaller than me following body part splits in my gym benching 225.

Use the rule of thumb that a weight increase of 2.5% will lose you a rep. So…

Bench/OHP 3-8 × 4; when you hit 8 reps, add 10% and drop to 3 reps.

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I feel i progress better with lower rep ranges.

Here’s what jumps out to me @boryajke

You aren’t progressing better with lower rep ranges. You might feel you do, but you are mistaken. On the plus side, this points out one variable that you can change to start processing: your rep ranges. Instead of four sets of three to five increasing load when hit five reps across all sets, why not drop the weight a bit and do four sets of eight to 10?

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Ok, which progression model?
I thought its optimal on those “heavy” compounds to lift heavier and mix in my program lower rep ranges too.

I’m not sure where you got that idea. What is optimal is what best allows you to achieve your goals. Any decent progression model will work. Personally I find the 5/3/1 model very useful, but it’s up to you

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x2 as above just do 5/3/1

Micro-load like a mofo + have one work-out were you concentrate on bench & then the next wo focus on ohp etc

Cycling reps like: 1-2 months 5 x 2-3 then 5 x 5 then 3 x 10-15 etc can also help.

Plus, get stronger on pulling movements + tricep dips/extensions etc.

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