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Trouble Upping Frequency of Workouts

I’m 32 years old and I have been training regularly for about 8 years. My goal has always just been about getting as strong as I possibly can, I work out 5 days a week, 3 days dedicated to resistance training and 2 days dedicated to cardio. The cardio is essential in my case because my family has a long history of heart disease. I don’t smoke and I eat a healthy diet but I feel some cardiovascular training is necessary for additional cardiac protection.

I have tried adding additional work out days in the past but I feel it just doesn’t feel like I get sufficient rest and all my workouts suffer as a result of it.

Despite this, I still feel like I have gotten good results from my current training program. However, I hear so much about how the real hardcore lifters lift about 5-6 days a week so I feel that if I really want to make inroads I’ll have to increase my frequency.

Perhaps it is an issue with my programming?

I’ll post it in case anyone has any comments or suggestions.

Sunday:Cardio (5K run in the park with hills)

Monday:Bench Press (5x6 85%1rm) , weighted Pull ups(5x7), Overhead Press(5x5 85-90%1RM), Renegade Rows(3x8), weighted dips(4x8) Bicep Curls, Tricep Extension(3x10 each)


Wednesday:Back Squat(6x5 87% 1RM), weighted pull ups(5x7), Palloff Presses(3x10), Trap Bar Deadlifts(5x5 85% 1RM), weighted glute/ham raise(4x8), Barbell Lunges(3x8)

Thursday Cardio (5 K run in the park with hills)

Friday: Rest

Saturday:Clean&Jerks(8x1), Snatch(8x2) Front Squats(6x3 93%1RM), Deadlifts6x5(87% 1RM), Bench Press(8x3 93% 1RM), weighted dips, Bent over barbell rows(4x8).

I’ll be honest, I have strongly been considering using AAS. I plan on getting a blood test since I fear at my age my testosterone is starting to drop naturally. I am certainly stronger than I was before I started lifting, much much stronger but I would hate it if my age made it hard for me to continue doing what I love so much. When I’m 50-60 years old fine, I’ll accept being a little weaker but I’m 32, I shouldn’t have to deal with this shit yet.

I’d go:
Sunday - Off
Monday - Back Squat, Lunges, GHR
Tuesday - Bench, Pallof Press, Tricep Extensions, Curls
Wednesday - Clean+Jerk, OH Press, Dips, Curls
Thursday - Trap Bar Deads, Barbell Rows, Pull-Ups
Friday - Off
Saturday - Snatch, High Pulls, Renegade Rows, Curls

Something like that.

I’d ditch the running too, or at least do something less annoyingly stressful on your body than jogging. Try walking fast, or swimming, or riding a bike.

Yeah swimming does seem like a good idea, easier on the joints too. I’ve avoided it only because I’ve become really good at running (can run a sub-19 5K) and barely ever swim. I do think it would be better for my body though.

Your body may be used to doing what it is doing for the days it is doing it. So with adding in another full workout on top of that, I can see how your recovery might be getting shorted. One more working day and one less resting day.

Try taking your same total volume you are doing now and spreading it out over 6 days or so you are looking for. That would be a bit easier on your body since it isn’t any more work than it is already doing. Plus since each individual day is less than before, your recovery might improve too. If that works, you can add a little bit to individual workouts and add more volume that way so that your body can adapt easier.

Also make sure you are eating enough to recover fully.

Without meeting you and seeing you workout that is the best I can offer you. I hope it helps.