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Trouble Stretching Arms Above Head


or does anyone else have trouble stretching their arms above your head? I think my shoulders are either too tight or muscular people have trouble doing yoga?


Incoherent run on sentence aside, stretch more.

broomstick stretch.


In the picture you provided, it looks like your shoulders have pretty good mobility.


ur too swole bra


There are a bunch of articles on this site about shoulder mobility.


That's an issue that should be addressed


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You just need some stretch

Yoga is only hard when it isn't performed regularly. Muscle mass shouldn't make a person immobile


It's pretty common, especially for desk jockeys. Broomstick stretch, scap wall slides etc. Have a look at Shugert's Shoulder Savers series on here if you want to improve your mobility, or do MobilityWOD (Google it).


I do indeed!


I didn't say immobile, I said I had issue raising my arms above my head. And Yoga is hard whether you perform it correctly or incorrectly.


Is that insinuating that I'm a guy (bra)?


Not here for an English lesson and btw, thats not me in the photo.




The inability to move a full range of motion is immobility. And yoga is challenging yea...but it isn't hard I do it regularly and don't have problems

Just like lifting isn't hard when its consistent....



yeah it is common. it is one of the reasons why people say you gotta earn the right to overhead press (make sure you have the shoulder mobility for it). repeatedly practicing it in yoga should help. i also had luck using a tennis ball to roll out the muscles round the back of the shoulder girdle / under the armpit.


Might be of help??




Wow thanks!