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Trouble Stomaching Food?


Guys recently eating my food is getting very hard to stomach, even swallow.

Half way through a meal i am totally stuffed, it can take me 45-50mins to eat a meal.

I was in a rush for college this morning and grabbed a subway, after about 3 bites my stomach couldnt handle it, i still finished it, but it still me about 30-35 mins.

I knocked back a shake before training last week and puked half of it back up.

The other day i had 6 eggs, 100g chicken and finished off with a tablespoon of olive oil and puked some of my eggs back up.

This is really starting to piss me off, i use to able to pound my food away no problem, even if i was full.

Please dont give me the man up and stop being a bitch, there is a sudden change in how my stomach is reacting to food.
Would appreaciate any suggestions in what it might be and what to do to get it checked out. (dont really want to go to a doctor, he probably wont agree with me eating 4800-5000 kcal a day)


Try to figure out if it's certain things setting off. If my stomach was twitchy, I wouldn't be pounding shots of olive oil. Ick.

Anything else going on with your stomach like heartburn or extra flatulence or anything? Or other possible health/stress issues?

Have you tried eating really slowly?


Maybe college is putting stress on you?


No heartburn or extra flatulence, no health issues.... im pretty sure.

The main reason im posting is because of the pace at which it takes me to eat my food, its silly.


Definitely not, im on top of my work, but thanks for the suggestion.


Maybe try less clean foods, some liquid calories are usually pretty easy to get down and there's always the option of a quick spliff before dinner.


Paul, I to am having this ssme problem. Personally im taking the week off. Im not eating noramal or as much and im also going to take the week off from the gym. I have had this problem once before and it helped. Maybe give that a try and see what happens..


The only thing i can put away as normal is liquid calories, doesnt matter if its clean food or not, the second i start eating im slow as shit eating it and its work to even swallow.


Ideally i dont want to be taking time off the gym bro, i had a week off about 4 weeks ago. Still getting stronger each session.

If it comes to that i will.


EDIT: Huge C seems to be on the right track with something...


I hear ya. Sometimes our bodies go through internal stress that is unknown to us and we deal with it differently. Its been my expierence with myself as well as clients that this is sometimes a sign. Wish you the best of luck.


Ever considered taking some digestive enzymes? You have to figure out what your body is trying to tell you. Maybe you can't handle the eggs. Maybe you need to incorporate a couple non consecutive low protein days per week. I get like this sometimes. I just power through it. I don't think there's a magic answer, but hopefully you find out the cause or at least find some relief.


This has been affecting me for a couple of years now. I get full after eating a few bites of food. Mentally full, my stomach still has plenty of room. If, for example I eat half of a hamburger I'll always be very hungry about 20 minutes later though. I just force the food down.

What has helped a ton for me is to eat soft food. Ground beef and ground turkey a few times a week really make things easier. Beef brisket in a crock pot/slow cooker is also works well for me.


I all I can say is pray you don't get irritable bowel syndrome...it's been fucking with me for about ten months and it sucks large. I used to look foward to a good shite like most men...not anymore :frowning:

If you haven't developed a food allergy like others chimed in, stress could the culprit even if you don't feel stressed out. Be patient and it should work itself out. Good luck.


This rings a bell, i have found that i am struggling with a meal and 30 mins later feel as if im ready to eat again.

As someone mentioned above, i think im gonna just have to power through it, i dont know about you guys but i believe in the healing power of my subconscious. I think i might mentally programme myself to eat fuck loads of food with ease, could be worth it in the long run.