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Trouble Sticking with Workouts


Up until this year I've played competition level hockey for as long as i can remember. Now that i don't have trainers and coaches barking down my neck, and laying out routines for me, Im really having trouble sticking with workouts. I skate at least two hours everyday still so cardio isn't really an issue, its more keeping my general strength up.

Im not really looking to get huge or bulk up, just stay in shape until I have the time to get back into hockey. If anyone has any advice for a good 3 day a week gym plan id really appreciate it.


are you more interested in TBT(total body training)?

or perhaps a

push/pull/legs split?


Sounds like we are talking about two things here...

1) A general lack of knowledge and experience when it comes to program design.
2) A lack of internal motivation and discipline to train you've recently discovered as a result of losing the external motivation of coaches putting foot to ass.

As far as program design is concerned you need to determine your goals and design a program around that. Christian Thibaudeau wrote some articles about this...


You may find that your lack of motivation is a result of not having any real focus in the gym as a result of not identifying goals and designing a program. If I just went to the gym, like a lot of people do, and just kind of putter around and do a little bit of this and a little bit of that I would lose my motivation, too. And without a program, maybe this accurately describes your current situation.

But if after designing a program you still don't have the motivation to get your ass to the gym and train hard, maybe find some friends that can provide the same type of external motivation that your coaches provided. The kind of friends that don't take no for an answer and will come drag your bitch-ass out of bed if that's what it takes and can scream at you through sets. Some people need that...


Why don't you man up and bark at yourself. Or maybe you could pay your mommy to do it.


1) You're not gonne get huge that quickly so don't worry about gains being too fast.
2) I think strength and power are important in hockey, so focus on big, compound exercises.
3) Keep your routine very simple - it will be easier for you to stick with it.


Read the "Starting Strength" thread that Otep put out there.

It's simple, it works and it's got all the compound lifts there.


Hey thanks alot man. Those articles were actually really helpful. I dont really know too many people around here as ive been doing alot of moving around recently, and come labor day will be moving to Mount Pleasant, SC with my brother, so I guess ill just have to kick myself in the ass a bit.


Get a training partner.


Have you ever watched any Ronnie Coleman clips on youtube? I tell myself "Ain't nothin to it but to do it" and "yeah buddy" constantly during my workouts/

Also, sometimes you need to remind yourself that there are guys and gals in Afghanistan and Iraq training with junk in the middle of shit and they're still getting their workouts in.


^Great advice,

Find a friend who will go down this long road with ya! Then you will have someone you don't mind getting on your case when you get lazy :wink:


That's coincidental...I live in the area. The other direction though...I'm up I-26 right off exit 199 in Summerville. Mt. P is a pretty nice place...not going to find any hardcore facilities, though. But there are a few regular commercial fitness centers in the area.