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trouble sprinting

I’ve been trying to get faster but find when doing sprints I have a hard time getting my knees up high enough. Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be??? Flexibility, lack of strength, need more form work??? I do a sprint session on Sunday, light sprints followed by plyometrics and jump squats on Wed., then power cleans, front squats, and stiff legged deads on Fri. By the way just started this part of the program recently, I’d been hitting legs twice a week before. I’m 5’7 160 12% bodyfat. Any suggestions? Thanks LM

Are you doing any form running drills such as the mach drills? As far as technique is concerned make sure your hips are driven forward and your not in anterior pelvic rotation (sticking your butt out) as this will make it difficult to lift your knees. Try standing in place and sticking your rear out and lifting your knee…Now try thrusting your hips forward and do the same…you’ll find the 2nd variation much easier. Also pay attention to flexibility throughout your lower bodies and the strength of your hip flexors. Any leg raise type of movement is good for strength in this area.

do your abs hurt after you have a good sprint workout? mine do, and i know its because of of the pumping of my legs. seems like you doing a lot of volume on legs but i don’t know how high your intensity level is. A sprint workout for me is a substitute leg workout and i wait till i’m fully recovered to do legs, whether squats or deadlifts. laters pk

incline sprints or resisted running (towing a sled or parachute) might help. Form drills in general, and high knees in particular, are overrated. Strength dictates form.