Trouble Sleeping & Sweating like Crazy

Hey, I got a slight problem I’m hoping someone can maybe give me some insight on, otherwise I’ll have to schedule an appointment with my doctor. For the last month of so I’ve been having trouble sleeping before midnight. Which is normally not a problem seeing as how I’m a college student and schedule my classes in the afternoon. But a few times a week I have work at 6am, I work at the school gym which is great, but I need my 7-8 hours sleep the night before so I have to get to bed by 10pm. But whenever I hit the sack at 10pm I can’t sleep for a few hours and I get really hot and sweat like crazy, even if I leave the window open and its 50 degrees outside. And I only sweat while lying in bed trying to sleep, once I get up I stop sweating. I used to be able to fall asleep at any time regardless of how tired I was. Has anyone else had this problem or have an idea that can help me. Thanks ahead of time.

I have similar problems sometimes.

I have hypoglycemia.

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