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Trouble sleeping,..... mabye ZMA?

I have had some trouble sleeping lately. I have been having some weird dreams but not sleeping for over 5 hrs and waking up feeling like shit. I have started taking ZMA and that is about when it started. I dont know if this has anything to do with it or if it is just a coincidence. Is anything in ZMA that could cause this problem? Has anyone else experienced something simular?

ZMA has the opposite effect in most people. It promotes deep sleep. You do seem to dream more while taking ZMA, but dreaming is a good sign of healthy sleep.

Jeep, be willing to experiment with different sleep-supportive supps. Have you tried melatonin or L-Theanine?

melatonin seriously kicks ass… i worry about it downplaying my natural melatonin production though.

Chamomille drops in some water work well too.

Not supposed to hurt your Melatonin production. Use the 3 mg caps because that is supposedly what your body produces on it’s own during sleep. Remember, your body will not produce it unless you are in complete and total darkness. This means night lights and T.V.'s are out. Personally, I sleep well with the tv so I do take the metatonin, but for me it doesn’t promote sleep, it just helps me sleep the night through. I just go with a 1/2 Unisom and ZONK!!. If I take a whole one I fel “hung over”, but a half of one works wonders.

this is what i do when i have trouble sleeping

Spend as little time as possible in your room other than sleeping and sex. Also try not napping in case you are big into that. If you need to put on some light music, a night light, or turn the A/C up.