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Trouble Sleeping After Max Effort or PR


I found after my first meet I had trouble sleeping. Today I hit a PR and am having a ridiculous time falling asleep. Does anyone else ever have any problems falling asleep after ME or a PR? Is there any reason for this. CNS overload or something or what. I am physically tired just can't crash. Don't think its anything else stress wise so I think thats out.

Any ideas let me know. Or if anyone else has the same issue.



I've always had trouble sleeping after ME Squat/DL


Thanks. Was just wondering what the hell was going on. I was up forever last night and it was prob only the 3~4th time it happened. Stews Have you found anything to help. Contrast showers, cold shower, Ice packs or anything?


I have this problem after most ME work. I have used tea with Valerian root in it, that seems to help.


Melatonin. 6mg. Nitey nite.




Are you still training with the guys at Rising Sun and are you going to do the APA meet in Lancaster, PA, or come back and do Kate's meet in November?


I second that. Melatonin has helped me greatly with my sleep issues. Perhaps also try some deep breathing or meditation to help bring your CNS down from its excited state.

There's always warm milk...


I take 3mg a night just as a matter of course. It's good stuff.


Do you find melatonin helps you actually fall asleep? I find it doesnt make me tired while im awake, but rather helps me fall into a deeper sleep and stay there once i'm already asleep


Yeah still training with them. It's awesome training with guys who routinely get 7~8 hundred on the bar to squat. Saw two different guys hit about or over a grand in the gym squatting. Best thing to ever happen to my training.Yesterday hit 515 off a low box (1" below paralell). Hit 500 free squat in the meet in may.

Was planning on doing the September meet in PA with a few of the guys. Been cutting to try to get into the 308's. hit 320 for the may meet. down to right around 308 now so want to keep a slow cut going and get there easy.

Might try to do Kate's Meet in November too. You know when it is. I think the one in sept is early so would have about 8~10 weeks to do some work. Not sure that might be too close. You doing Kate's meet?


Tried that last week. ended up awake till 4 anyway just had a lot more energy used. But it was a very fun few hours.


You could try workout out earlier in the day. I always sleep great after any hard workout.


I take it about half an hour before I plan to go to bed and without fail I am much more drowsy and ready to sleep than I would be otherwise. The main thing it does is slows down my brain quite a bit and relaxes me.


I've used melatonin in the past and actually used it last night. how high a dose do you guys go to. I always worried about using it all the time and then if I didn't have it it would be hard as hell to fall asleep. Is that prob just worrying about nothing.


3 mg nightly. I use the NOW Foods lozenges. Basically dissolve them under my tongue.

I have other friends who use 6mg a night. Just depends. I don't seem to need that much.


What bout you novaeer? I am trying to figure out what to do. 1 REALLY local meet in August and APA and IPA meet (both in PA) are my options from now til Sept.


I haven't made a firm decision at the moment. I might do both and use the Lancaster APA meet as a tune-up to see where I stand. No matter what decision I make, I'll be lifting at Kate's meet (on [b]November 7th[\b].


Let me know. I think the other 2 guys are going to sit it out other than helping me. But I want to get in at least 1, possibly 2 more by years end.

Also, the one on August 8th is REALLY close and is raw, so it would just be a day to test myself to see how 5/3/1 has been going. Might do it for shits/giggles- but have yet to get a response to my email.


not every ME day , but if I hit a low-rep(1,2, or 3) squat or deadlift PR , then yup...no sleep so good