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Trouble Ordering "New Bodybuilding for Old School Results"

I am living in Sweden and would preferably order a physical copy of your book, but BIOTEST does not ship to my country. So, I tried to order the PDF, but the system will not allow me to order electronically either as Sweden is not available as an alternative among the options. Also, I cannot just use the billing address as the system will not allow this as a shipping address. It is proving awfully hard to give you my money…


Can you order a hard copy thru amazon?

Amazon asks 160$ for it. Add 25 % import tax on that price and on the shipping and it is a small fortune. A bit rich considering that the book can be bought new in the US for 35$ .

Being swedish - I shipped mine from the US to a friend in UK who sent it further to me. There is another option! Appearantly you may buy a temporary postal adress in the US, which forward the post to you. I can’t remember the link, try googling it up. The book is worth every penny.

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That is a bit steep in price I agree

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Thanks for the productive reply.

I will spend time in Rome (whenever I am able to do so professionally again) and I know people there, so I might sort it that way.

I also get the impression that the books production warrants some effort to get a physical book. Working within academia, I get depressed by e-books, even though have applications.

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I wouldn’t order anything right now . We have at least 5 packages that didn’t come for Christmas from Amazon , fedx and the post office. I expect there’s huge piles of packages waiting that may or may not ever be delivered. Many that were delivered came ripped open.

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Really, I ordered a couple items the past couple weeks with no issue of delivery…thats terrible

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