Trouble or No Trouble?

Me and some buddies were driving around and we picked up my friend Ryan. Ryan brought my paintball gun that has been sitting in his house for about a month or two (i heard it is considered his after a month in possession?) and my friends were shooting the painball gun at signs(me nor the driver ever shot the paintball gun)… and then a guy was riding his bike and my friend yelled something at him and then the guy on the bike wanted to fight so my friend (not ryan) shot him a couple times with the gun.

What charges does everyone face? It was my paintball gun but it was sitting at his house for a month or two and theres witnesses that seen him shooting squirrels and such b4 this incident. Can I just say I was in the passenger seat and didnt do anything and not speak about anything else? Just keep my mouth shut? Im not about to snitch on anybody. Will i be in trouble if I dont talk?

How old are you? Whatever the answer is, get new friends.


Yeaahhh…about that. Youre going to jail.

Why would I be going to jail if I didn’t do anything?

deny everything. Hide the paintball gun so no one ever finds it, or just man up and accept responsibility for your actions(or inaction).

You will go to jail for assault, or at the very least as an accessory. Get a good lawyer. UR fucked.

Sounds like you were an accessory. Rat out your friend and hope for the best, then get new friends.

17 is a bit old to be pulling this type of stuff.

Posting ur crimez on the interwebz iz probably not a good idea either. And…ur fuct.

Don’t try to be the tough guy that doesnt snitch, you need to go Sammy the Bull on his ass if the cops question you, look at it this way, did your friend consult with you before he acted like a moron? No, so why in the fuck would you cover his ass? I’m all for being a loyal friend, but your buddy wasnt that loyal for getting you involved in this bullshit. Either way I would probably get a new crew to hang with.

Think of it this way…

Is your friend worth a huge fine, or 500 hours, or a little time in the house? Is it worth butt sex?

I love my friends to death, but there isnt a man worth taking it in the ass for.

Considering that there are also pictures of you on this board, anyone who is involved in the investigation (and if it comes down to assault charges being filed and possible jail time, there will be some folks looking into it) that may happen upon this website is going to have you pinned no matter what you say. If the cops see this and you tell them something different, then well, youre pretty fuk’d. Driving the car with your friend who is a big enough dumbass to shoot a pedestrian with a paintball gun is stupid, and posting it online for anyone and everyone to see is equally stupid.