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Trouble Opening My Hands

Ever since I’ve been lifting heavy I’ve been having trouble opening my hands if I remain stationary too long (like at work, or watching TV)

If I don’t move my hand every little while it like, locks up. Then I have to use my other hand to assist with opening the closed hand. Once it’s open, it’s good for another few hours.

Is this common? Should I be worried? What the fuck?

Drink more water perhaps? I can recall getting this when starting but subsides over time.

Does it feel like your joints in your fingers are stiff?

It feels like the knuckles (on my hand, not fingers) are asleep kind of and yeah, a little stiff.

Perhaps Arthritis?

If this persists for a while I would get it check by a medical doctor.

Start to take (if not already) fish oils and drink more water then what you are now 2-3L daily. Then reassess.

Cool, thanks for the advice.

If you go to a doctor, go to a sports med guy.