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Trouble Getting Up In the Morning

  I'm not a morning person, i know that for sure, but this is beyond that. This morning i set my alarm for noon, which gave me 8 hours sleep (i work late and have evening classes) but i felt like i was drunk or seriously high or something, my brain just could NOT wake up, felt seriously drowsy almost like stuck in a trance, my body was fine but my mind, nope. so i went back to bed and woke up 2 hours later. it seems that i cant for the life of me sleep less than 10 hours, and sometimes i sleep even more.

and it would be fine if i had been training super hard, but my last workout was friday, i think i got some sorta disorder or something i dunno. also my appetite in the morning is non existent. it takes me a long time just to eat 3 whole eggs and 2 slices of 12 grain bread, but in the night i could wolf down 2x that.

any suggestions?

usually i can get up if im just tired ,just suck it up and stay up, but this is like really intense like my body REALLY wants that 2 extra hours


im exactly they same way - I have to forcefeed myself breakfast at times it seems. As far as the sleeping thing goes I'm not to sure whats goin on but yeah it does sound pretty annoying / intesne so much that you may want to just ask your doctor - who knows, he may know somethiing you don't.

In terms of eating in the morning, I try to switch up the variety of my eggs so that I'm not eating 5 scrambled eggs, or 5 eggs fried in olive oil. Ill usualy hard boil 2, scramble 2 and maybe fry one. It helps keep me "hungry" in the mornings, and I dont feel as if I have endless amounts of food to eat.


You may have woke up durring some stage of sleep that your not supposed to.

If you have trouble wakeing up, haveing a super cold glass of something to drink helps alot.


You don't give your age but younger people (your profile says you're a student) often need more sleep at times.


8 hours is just a guideline that works for most adults most of the time. If you think you need more, you probably do.



Schultzie have you tried taking some powernaps during the day? Like 15 min long naps then go about your day, might give you the extra rest you need so you can sleep the "normal" 8 hours.

Are you sleeping well when you finaly get to bed? Might be that your body cant handle the shiftwork you are doing (I am guessing here)? Sleep in total darkness gives you better quality sleep, could be that it gets so bright in your room that you are not really sleeping the latter part of the morning?

sweet dreams :smiley:


See a doctor, not a bunch of goons (myself included) on an internet forum.


lol bunch of goons, yeah i think alot of it is me being a douche, ill stay up on the computer and forget what time it is, today i slept a whopping 14 hours and felt super depressed, i wanted to just sleep forever

i dont have a family doctor and if i nap its gotta be at least over an hour

i think it might be a psychological thing ie i moved away to school and didn't make any new friends so all i do is go to school, the gym, and work, and when i need to just socially relax, the outlet simply isn't there so ill stay up all night on the computer trying to fulfill that relaxation but its not near as good quality

yeah yeah this shit isn't for T-Nation its for like a counsellor

strange how im in the best physical shape of my life but the worst social shape


Having a healthy mind is a big part of being healthy my friend. Get a social life, some people bitch about it being hard but it's not it's very easy, even easier since you are in school.


Try drinking more water. Seriously, if I stay really well hydrated the day before, I'll hop out of bed the next morning.


Hey Schultzie,

Your symptoms are exactly the same as what my man has - so he got full blood work done and discovered that he has borderline low testosterone. Low T can do all sorts of funky stuff to a guy (fatigue being a big one - and no appetite), it may be something you want to get checked and at least rule out......not sure how old you are but it can happen at any age - particularly if it's genetic.
and hell, if you are low - legal roids for life!! lol
Cheers, D.


It sounds to me like you are clinically depressed. Doesn't mean you have low T - there is a link between low T levels and depression but the link is asymmetrical. It sounds to me like the stress of school life, and the lack of appropriate social outlets combined with a whole slew of other possible stressors is taking its toll on you.

Start partying a bit more dude. However, if you're not having a good time and you are drinking too much to compensate you should nip that in the bud and stop. I think you should take a visit to the school psychologist, there's no shame in it. I can relate and I'm sure a whole bunch of other people out there are familiar with the situtation. Hope that helps, good luck!