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Trouble Getting Enough Protein


So I'm trying to get in enough protein but at 1.5g/lbs I need about 300gr a day. I don't wanna exceed 3 shakes a day (excluding PWO) and that will take me to 100gr max. With my other meals I can't seem to get this together... any suggestions? I'm already at 4 meals a day plus 2 snacks.


Breakfast: Eggs, Toast with natural pb, yogurt, milk. A combo of those can give you 40-50 easy + a shake thats a good 80.

Tuna, 2cans is about 60grams of protein.

Cheese and nuts work ok as snacks, can get about 20g here and there.


Oh and of course chilli and chicken and fish...Chilli works great, throw in 2cans of mixed beans (25g a can) with some veggies and a shitload of ground beef. Plenty of protein.


Isn't it true that your body can't process more than 40-50 grams of protein at a time??? Good suggestions though


you are doing something wrong with your diet. I shoot for 4000+ cals a day, and I don't eat low protein meals. I get at least 300g of protein a day, without any extra effort.


This shouldn't be so hard! A pound of ground beef has 130 grams of protein. A pound of chicken has 135. A cup of cottage cheese has 28. 4 Eggs have 28 grams. 16 oz milk has 16 grams.

Also, many people use the 1-2 grams per pound LBM instead of per pound total weight. Just a heads up.


My shakes are at least 40 grams each. If you need to mix protein w/ water. That's a quick way to get more protein. Every meal strive to get at least 40 grams of protein. Carb countdown milk is great; 50 of the 70 calories are from protein.



Could you share some of the meals you make?


Depends what you mean by "process". You can eat protein til the cows come home and not keel over. It's not going to help you out after eating a certain amount at a time though. Aim for 50 grams per each of your 4 meals. Add the shakes in-between and bam! 300g.


40 grams is two servings for most brands, that way you'll burn through a tub ultrafast. Not really cheap but perhaps cheaper than whole foods. Damn I didn't think it'd be this hard. Guess I gotta stock up on meat and just eat more meals.


Eating more meals or making some better choices. Having a chicken breast with a cup of cottage cheese, a side salad with almonds or sunflower seeds can easily get you to the 40-50 grams of protein. That is just one meal right there.

Try mixing some peanut butter into your shake for a little extra protein. Or some yogurt or cottage cheese.

Some beef jerky and some cashews makes for a great snack and can get you to 20 grs quick.

It just takes a little planning.


Breakfast: Cottage cheese w/ fruit. Oatmeal with 2/3 scoop protein powder - 40 grams.

Ahh, fuck it. I'm not gonna write you a meal plan. Think of foods that are protein sources. Eat them. Rinse and repeat. I can get 300 grams protein on a 2300 kcal day with 0 protein shakes.