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Trouble Getting Enough Protein. What's Your Diet?

I’m 68 182lb waist 40" hips 36.5" chest 43 been lifting and working out off and on for years but as you can see haven’t paid a lot of attention to my diet all the calculators say I should take in 1600 calories to loose weight fat not trying for tht six pack and what I want is to take in about 147gr protein 130gr carbs what I’m having trouble with is getting in the protein I have 3 whole eggs oatmeal and milk for breakfast chicken breast and pinto beans and milk for breakfast and steak and brown rice for dinner that puts me at 127gr protein and 136gr carbs I’m doing the 20 rep squats 3 day program with light cardio twice a week so I have to make sure I eat enough So what does everyone else eat

If all you need is an additional 20 grams just drink a shake


That might be ok now while I’m doing the 20 rep squats but once I’m done with that a protein shake will put me over my calorie intake from what I’ve found is 1600 is my maintenance level 1200 is my calorie deficit for losing weight

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So subtract the calories from somewhere else

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20-rep squats shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as fat loss, so you’re using the wrong tool for the job.

If you want to run 20-rep squats, eat for recovery. If you want to lose fat, use a different training plan.


Drop the steak and switch to tilapia or something. I also suggest not eating brown rice. you protein intake is low so you are going to need to use all you intake. Brown rice is going to be a road block.

This is fucking nuts!

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How is it nuts? he’s trying to loose weight. Change a to a leaner protein source for the time. I am not saying he can’t eat read meat for the rest of his life.

Your right and while I doing the 20 rep squats I’m not looking to loose fat hoping to maintain gain what I can at 68 but looking to after when I’m switching to 5/3/1 program

You could be right about the rice but can’t stand tilapia not a big fish fan

That seems like a big deficit. no?

I think a single tin of tuna would cover that, tasty and cheap.

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Except he doesn’t like fish

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Oops I have selective reading

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Every 3 days I cook up 6 chicken breasts (about 1-1.1kg) and 750g of mince in a chopped tomatos. I split this into 6 meals. Each has just under 80g of protein. Twice a day (one at 10.00 one at 14.00).
Then 4 eggs and stuff takes me to 200g a day.

You could increase protein adding in stuff like:

Yogurt 20g protein per tub. They also do a cottage cheese high in protein, or just buy other alternatives. They are low enough calories and easy to add in.