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Trouble Getting Cycle Started


A little about myself first.
29 yo male
currently 224lbs
been seriously training 5+ years

I started off 5-6 years ago a 320lb fat ass. I started reading this site learning all I could about diet and working out. I got down to 175lbs but on the way down to that weight I lost damn near all my muscle's because I got sick with strep throat 3 times in a row (couldn't eat and bed ridden for a month).

I have slowly bulked back up to 224 for the past 2 years in prep for a major surgery (tummy tuck, cant diet years of being obese off) which will be in January. I'm about to start my cutting phase to get down enough to the required surgery weight. I know how to hold on to the muscle while I diet down I also have the willpower to do anything I want. My problem is I think after the surgery I will be sorta in the same situation as I was when I Got strep and will loose all the hard work I put in for the gains because of the recovery process.

I'm doing my research and figured I would go with what the suggestion is on the first cycle. Testosterone Enanthate 250 with the proper PCT. The only problem I'm running into is finding a source I thought about just going to Mexico but that scares the shit out of me since I have been down there before and said I would never go back. I workout in a company gym so that's a dead end. I though about going to some local gyms but there was just a huge bust in my area and I know everyone will be on edge about new people and I don't blame them for that. I have one more chance and that is hopefully some can point me into a right direction I can order online and take that risk. Like I said I have tried to find stuff online but maybe I don't know what to type in the search engine.

I'm not planning on doing many cycles at all I am just fine with filling out the very small amount of skin left on my arms and to get back on schedule without wasting another 2 years to get back to what I am today. Plus I think I have reached my limit to size at 225 but want to be a little bit bigger.


Well heres the deal... I was you about 3 months ago. I can tell you that the people on THIS forum won't be able to help you with what you are looking for. If you take a quick look at the forum rules you notice that there are no sources given here for good (LAW ENFORCEMENT) reason. My suggestion is to invest time, time, and more time into learning about the subject. There is ALOT to it.

In three months of research, I feel confident that I could safely use 1 maybe 2 of the many diiferent AAS products available. I have become quite interested in the science behind all of this. So, start with a google search of what ever you want to start with and read. Then follow the info trail until you loose interest. Then think about what you have learned, digest it, and come up with some new things to google. Continue this cycle... I hope this helps.

P.S. When you have come to a point where you have some questions that can't be answered with the info available to you on the internet, this forum does have some very educated readers who are more than willing to take the time to answer educated questions.



Your post doesnt make sense.

So your were 320lbs and high fat. You dieted and trained down to 175lbs.. but it was too small.. you slowlybulked upto 225lbs.. so from 175lbs you added muscle to 225lbs? That should be very impressive (i am ~210lbs @ 5'8") but i get the sinking feeling it isnt.

You bulked up to 225 in prep for surgery, yet you now need to lose more for that very same surgery?

Anyway, you wanty to lose more weight - but fat only.. so your bulk ended up in you gaining more fat - so much that you cant even sit for surgery again? Sounds to me like you have the genetics from hell mate.

Then you say you want a AAS cycle to help you maintain the muscle you have, but lose the fat - or maintain the muscle while bed-ridden from the surgery - but then you say you want the cycle to fill out your 'lose skin'..?

Which is it? Gain muscle or lose fat? Gain weight or lose weight? For surgery or for you?

Lets clear it up - what is your bodyfat percentage? Do you have tons of loose skin that comes from being very over weight and losing fat?