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Trouble Getting Blood Levels to 'Normal'

This is a great site and really appreciate everyones knowledge. The problem is the more I read the more confused I get! So here are my Stats: 42 yo 255 6’1 12-15% bf. I train BJJ 4 days a week and lift 4-5 days a week. I follow a high pro diet with moderate carbs and low fat. I work as a Chiropractor and own a gym with my wife. My lab values are:

Free Test=382.5
Total Test=1685

all other values are with in normal values. I inject 100mgs of Test Cyp M W F and take .5mg of Adex on the same day I inject. I know my test is too high and so is my E2, what do you guys recomend as a Test, and Adex dose. Im having moderate ED issues, but other wise I feel great. Thanks for the help.

What is the range of prolactin? It looks a little high. Did you have sex and/or masturbate within 12 hours of the test?

You inject a total of 300 mg/test a week? That is a perpetual steroid cycle bro, albeit a fairly low dose one. But definitely too high of a dose for TRT purposes–what do your other blood values (kindey, blood, liver markers) look like at that dose?

Good starting dose is 100 mg/week total in divided doses. Arimidex at 1 mg/week also in divided doses (at least 2-3/week).

A bigger dude like yourself could need as much as 200 mg/week, but any more than that is pushing it.

Thanks VT for responding. I cant find my lab results that were sent to me, I just wrote them down but my prolactin is a little on the high side. All other lab values were normal. No kidney or Liver issues, thank God. So Ill inject 66mgs 3xs a week and split a total of 1mg of Adex over 3 days.

Is am wood a good idicator that my E2 is where it should be? If my E2 is where it should be will my prolactin also drop? I know once I lower my Test this will also help lower my E2 as well. Thanks for the help, the more I read the more I confuse myself. Too many concusions from Rugby I guess.

morning wood is a good indicator of homrone health…

Not sure what is causing your prolactin to be on the high side–you didnt answer my question regarding it. I dont see why it would be related to E2 directly though.

I thought I read that High E2 = high prolactin which = no wood?

I trying to find the actual results in my office.