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Trouble Gaining Weight

Hi, when i work i eat everyday 3700 kcal for 72.6/73.5 kilo empty stomach for 1m80. And i don’t know, i can’t eat more, even to respect always the diet is somethime harf, but o respect and i like what i eat. Just i have a metabolism so speed is crazy, I don’t kbow if u have some cheat, i would like to be 80 kilo for December but I don’t know.

My idea was to push the maximum weight that i can in the gym with this weight and when i cant push more, i will try to eat a bit more. Maybe because now i training in the house, my body dont have enough stimulation but 3700
calorie is high damnit😭


If you can’t eat more, then you need to sit around more. That’s pretty much your only option.

I don’t know how healthy your diet it, but try throwing in some junk food like Ice cream or McDonald’s. Just make sure to stay away from trans fats. Majority of your diet still needs to be healthy.

I eat full healthy, just i need eat more, but iam really care, i think i need push more and maybe i will be able to eat more, but i find my limitless 3700 is my litmiless lol

Drink some calories…

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Maybe drink oil ahahha and frying will be good, 1 liter of :beer:

I will waiting one year i think, to be regular and will see after that

Well I was thinking more in line with weight gainer shakes. But beer works…lol


i use already weight gainer

30 g whey, buckwheat flake 100g, agave syrup 20g, banana …

i don’t work for the moment so iam close to 74/75 kilo for 3700, will see with the time, how much did u eat for your weight ?

so fucking cheat, some peoples eats 2400 kcal for the same weight that mean, wtf ^^’ i don’t know why