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Trouble Finishing My Meals

Hey folks

I am presently on a diet to lose some fat. My biggest problem is that I can’t finish my meals. It’s like to much food for me. I really try to take the amount of food that have been recomended for me but it’s just too much for me. I finish my protein intake then I can’t eat my vegies. 800g of letuce is more then I can take.

What could I do to augment my appetite? Because right now it’s kind of a problem because I don’t get all the carbs that I am supposed to have.

Do you think it’s because I really screwed up my metabolism in the past year that I can’t eat like that? Is it reversable?


I take it you have recently changed your dietary habits for the better. Making the change from 2 or 3 meals a day to six takes some getting used to. Going from a diet of almost no fiber, fruits, or vegetables to a diet high in fiber fruits and vegetables takes a lot of getting used to.

Gradual change is better. Three solid meals, with three snacks in between is a nice transition. Obviously you have to push your comfort zone, but don’t stuff yourself until you are sick and can’t eat for the rest of the day.

As gabby mentioned, changing your eating habits takes time to adjust.

Fiber makes you feel full and if you hadn’t been eating much fiber your body isn’t used to it yet.

Your metabolism is used to what ever eating habits you had previously. It needs time to change to your new habits.

just stick with it, your body will come around.

also, it wouldn’t hurt to up your excercise intensity.

it’ll help you burn your fat and increase your hunger.

First off, don’t count your veggies as carbs. They aren’t absorbed by the body well, and they’re more a source of fiber - not carbs.

If you want carbs, eat rice, bread, milk or yogurt. Not veggies!

And lettuce is crap. Eat a veg medley in between meals for your fiber - and those calories: you do not count. Carrots, brocolli, sweet peas, green beans… eat the colorful stuff.