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Trouble Finding Nolvadex


I'm two weeks from finishing my first cycle of H-drol. I've been trying to find nolvadex for my pct, but every site I go to needs a prescription or seems shady (doesnt look like the real thing). Also I've been told by a few people that with H-drol you dont need a pct.... how can this be true for something that raises your T-levels?

Age 25

Height 5'11"
weight 210lbs
BF 11-13%


Asking for sources may not be the best idea on here. Keep searching and you will eventually find a legit source.


You wish!



Asking for a source in the open is kind of like being a contestant on that old gameshow, Let's Make a Deal. You might just happen to get lucky and win the big prize. Then again, if you choose the wrong door, you could end up stuck with a goat.

Ask for the specific thing you are looking for in the right way persistently enough and you will eventually find it, though, I can promise you.


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look for "research" supply sites


That is a win-win situation as far as i am concerned.



...wait a minute....eeeeewwwww....


I am somewhat in the same boat. Minus being at the end of my cycle.

I have seen multiple websites that sell it without prescriptions & it is legit. But it seems expensive and it is from other countries, so i guess there is a chance it could be taken by U.S. customs. i am not 100% sure, seeing i have never made an order like this. I have also seen websites sell it ridiculously cheap($3 for 10pills @ 20mg each), but this is most likely too good to be true.

I have also considered just going straight to my doctor and saying I am running a cycle of PH's..blah blah blah.. and see if i can get a legit prescription.


A doc absolutely will NOT prescribe SERMS (or jack) if you go in with 'blah blah PH.'

$3 for 10x 20mg is not too god to be true. It is a cheap generic drug - hence no fucking need to go to a research chemical place.

The neccessity of a prescription is NOT necessarily the responsibility of the company, but yours.

If a pharmacy operates from a country where it is a prescription only drug, they cannot legally sell it without a valid prescription being seen.
If the pharmacy operates from a less regulated country (as per the example you saw i suspect) then while they can legally sell the drug to anyone, you cannot legally buy in FROM WITHIN YOUR COUNTRY without a script.

If you as a US citizen went to that country, you could do so - but you would not be able to bring it back without the script.

This is the reason many US citizens will go to mexico for just a few hours each week - for a shot of T and Nandrolone. Less than ideal but common.