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Trouble Finding (Compounding) Pharmacy to Make T Rx w/ Less Oil

I’m 45 on 200mg TRT.

1 weeks dose is 1ml. I injecdt 2x/week, and event that half a dose leaves a bumpy track of whatever under my skin for most of the week.

It’s annoying but not particularly problematic.

But I would prefer to have less oil per dose, becasue I don’t want all that processed vegatable oil in my tissue on such a regular basis. At best it’s inflammatory, at worst carcinogenic.

My current pharmacy only has the single option I’m using. I just called a compounding pharmacy (Med Quest) and they don’t compound any variations on the ratio.

The tech thought that less oil might not be a viable option, but he didn’t sound like he knew anything about anything.

Does anybody use/know of a pharmacy that offers, for instance, 200mg dosage in .5 ml of oil instead of 1 ml?

Just called Empower Pharmacy. Gal there talked to the pharmacist, who said that 200mg/ml was the minimum amount of oil per active ingredient, less and it starts to crystalize.

Well, ok then.

You have got to be kidding me, the amount of vegetable oil is so unbelievably minuscule. Your breathing toxic air and and if you are living in a city you are unable to escape pollutants. It makes a minuscule vegetable oil a non issue.


I’m not breathing toxic air and I’m not living in a city, and it’s not a miniscule amount sitting in my tissue non-stop for years and the rest of my life. But thanks for negating my preferences and concerns with your knowledgeable insights. Fun stuff.

Rub the site 2-3 times for 20 seconds, after the injection heals up a little. (10 mins or so)

call one more compounding pharmacy and ask them to, see if you get the same answer. Hallandale Pharmacy in Fl is known to do HRT stuff.


But that doesn’t help/doesn’t beneficially affect the gummy worm there in the bellyfat that takes 4-7 days to dissolve away. I’m guessing the oil is causing local inflammation and thus the tissue hardness.

Next time I inject I’ll spend a few minutes post-injection massaging it in. Pretty sure I’ve done that before and it didn’t help, but it’s been so long I don’t actually/acurately remember. If that works, I’ll be back with a ‘That was a great idea! Thanks!’

It does. When I first started injecting Sub Q, I would get a painful knot.

I believe that the rubbing allows the oil to disperse into the tissues, instead of staying in a “lump” that in turn, DOES cause inflammation and pain.

Try it, im sure one you get the hang of it, it will help a lot. I have 0 issues now that I use this method. When I forget to rub, I get the knot.

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Oh, and also, you are injecting a lot more than I would be, but the principle is the same.

Rub, knead the site with finger tips. Do it about 2- 3 times (for about a minute each time). You will notice a difference.

Like I said, it completely takes any discomfort, lump, or redness away for me.

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Fair enough.

Will do on Saturday.

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This sounds really strange to me, I don’t rub or anything post-injection and see/feel nothing. My cyp is cut with cottonseed oil. What is yours infused into?

I don’t know (but could find out, obviously).

My first prescription years ago I had to return and get a different oil base, that shit BURNED for days. It’s been slightly annoying but not a problem since then. Different prescriptions from a few different pharmacies all approximately the same.

This new doctor I’m doing 1ml/week instead of .6 and .75 as previous (yeay, a doctor [PA, actually, but still] who’s not terrified of testosterone, it’s great), so with the extra volume it’s more noticeable.

We’re all special unique snowflakes, so I presume there’s just something about my makeup/chemistry/sensitivity levels/immune system response whatever/particular tissue density/ etc, that have it be this way.

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Okay, if you find out it’s never been cottonseed, try it. :)))

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Split your dose in half and inject on every side . I’m getting lump over 50cc but not under

I use Perrigo brand cypionate and box says : .2 ml benzyl benzoate, 9.45 mg benzyl alcohol, 560 mg cottonseed oil

Just looked. It’s cottonseed oil.

Same as Charlie12, it’s - .2 ml benzyl benzoate, 9.45 mg benzyl alcohol, 560 mg cottonseed oil

“Split your dose in half and inject on every side . I’m getting lump over 50cc but not under”

I already do weekly dose in two injections. I get lump at most any amount of injection, obviously correlate to how much goes in. Sometimes I’ll split a single injection into three different spots just to spread it out. Not really worth the effort…a big bump or three little bumps…not worth the extra pokes.

Damn… that’s really unfortunate you are sensitive to this. Mine is essentially the same as yours, just a tad different composition:

Each mL contains: testosterone cypionate, 100mg; benzyl alcohol, 9mg; and benzyl benzonate, 0.1mL in cottonseed oil q.s.

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