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Trouble Finding an Article on Visualization


I read an article sometime in the fall of 2013 that talked about visualizing yourself in order to reach new barriers. the gist of the article went like this.

There's 4 ways to visualize yourself
1st person POV: Good form
1st person POV: Getting the reward for the lift
3rd person: Good form
3rd person: Getting the reward for the lift

I've searched but have been unsuccessful in finding it and I would really like to send it to my brother who is competing right now and even reread for myself so that I can understand it better.


You don’t remember the author?


Not at all, I wish I did though. I went back month by month and looked at each article until I thought I went too far. I narrowed it down to a few but none of them were right.


Maybe this one:

*edit: Probably not…


Maybe not the specific article you’re looking for, but Josh Bryant has a lot to say about visualization, real/imagined events and the placebo effect. Also goal setting, and how they all work together.

I can’t find a good, postable, link but a Google should work.


Okay thanks guys, I’ll be sure to check those out.