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Trouble Ducking Under Snatch


ESPECIALLY with the snatch. It often ends up being a power snatch or a muscle snatch.

Right now, I am working on hang snatches with a full-squat catch. Will that teach me the proper way to do it or not?

Thanks in advance.


I think the best way to learn it is doing them from a very high hang. Either at the hip crease or very slightly below it. You should be able to do roughly 70% of your max from that position, probably more. It will teach you to pull yourself under the bar and take the fear away. Start with a low weight and work up to as high as you can, it will probably feel very different than snatching normally


Bar work is the best way imo. If you can't move an empty bar fast you have no hope of moving a heavier bar fast PERIOD.

Show a video of how you move an empty bar. Then increase the weight and keep going.



Are you flexible enough to pull yourself under the bar? Post a clip, in its absence I will only suggest widening your stance which will allow your hips to go lower. I would do drills with 40kg-50kg, an empty bar is too light, IMO, to practice pulling yourself under.


I recorded my super awesome clean technique. My snatch issue is currently "gone" during today's training session.

I'll post a video of my lifts. Thanks for all the help so far!


It's not too light imo. IF he can move it fast he should definitely move up the weights, but if he can't move an empty bar fast he has no hope ofmoving 50kg fast.