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Trouble Doing Pull-Ups

You’re doing less damage than you’d Do with one high rep set, and mostly just improving your body’s efficiency at performing the movement. We had this discussion when you were doing high frequency pullups (a few every day) and began to find them much easier. Your “max” isn’t one pullup - you wouldn’t be able to do that 8 times in a day if t was - it’s just all your body can handle doing at a time right now, so it’s not that taxing.

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So how did you get to that point? Maybe more of the same gets your to 2 chin-ups.

I started trying to do a chin almost everyday and after about 3 weeks I finally got so I could actually do one. I did one almost every day, sometimes I’d miss a day, and then last week I decided to see if I could do more if I spaced them apart. I did about 8 that day doing one every half hour or less. Now I took off two days so we’ll see if I can still do one tomorrow , ha ha !
This chinning stuff seems to be very temperamental . One day it almost seems easy and another day I can hardly get close.

I agree with using bands to assist and negatives. Don’t try to take any short cuts with the bands, buy enough resistance levels so you can incrementally progress (at least 4) and a few very light resistance ones to use in combination to give you better precision on your increments. Start easy, so a band that allows you to do 1 X 12-15, and shoot for 3 X10 and finish with one single unassisted negative or static to failure. When you can do 3 X 12 with that band, move down to the next level of resistance (maybe using a combination of bands to keep the difference minimal) and repeat until you are done with the bands. Do them every other day.

== Scott==
Boy I think it would take a heavy duty band that would allow me to 12 — 15 reps? Ha ha !

They make them, and as mentioned you can use more than one at the same time.

I’ve had female clients (heavy) who were able to use them to get plenty of reps.

Do you have a good brand to recommend . I see them on eBay but who knows if they are junk? If I recall the black are the toughest ?

I actually bought some cheap ones off Amazon to try before I bought the nice ones… never bought the nice ones as Atleast one of these got daily use for over a year and kept on going strong.

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Of course make sure they are loop bands. Serious Steel makes good stuff. Not cheap though.

I have 2 sets of the heavy band set from SuperFlex. I’ve had then for almost 7 years now, and they show minimal signs of wear and tear. Highly recommend them.

I have some Rogue bands that have help up very well. Might be expensive - I’m not sure how they compare to other brands.

As far as color, depends on the brand. One company could have black as e strongest, one could have black as the weakest, and one might not have a black. I’d check out the website that you’re buying it from to get the most accurate info.