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Trouble Dialing Estro on Cruise, 200mg Test a Week

Hi all new member but not new to T-Nation,

24yrs old
12-13%( may be leaner but just being modest)
Lifting for 7 years on and off consistently 3yrs, started as a 5’10 140 lbs string bean.
Diet not perfect yet always make sure I’m opting for the healthiest option.

How would you approach this in the mean time I do have labs on the way had drawn fri 12/21/18.
Thyroid profile w/TSH

As the title states
200mg test a wk cruise
50 mg eod inj (why cause I like the stability in mood and physique)
Ai aromasin as needed

So here it is, been cruising now 2 months came off a
12wk 500mg test
6wk kick w tbol 2wk 40 mg last 4wk 60 mg
From week 8-14 proviron 50 mg

My issue is trying to manage e2, Right now my nipples are sensitive a little tender, feeling soft Yet very lean zero water retention, as a matter of fact I drink a bottle of water and piss it out 10 minutes later. My erections are blah unless I take a cialis is or V then there pretty good but not hard as rock. Whole unit seems to be sitting up tight. So I go okay nip sensitivity blah EQ and ok libido so I think high. I have made my own Aromasin solution in a dropper 12.5 mg to 1ml. Because even when I would take just 1/4 tab of aromasin I would feel like god for one day then feel like a wet paper bag for days.

I’m not sure an as needed approach to E2 management is a good idea. You mention that you like stability in mood and physique with your every other day testosterone schedule, but not estrogen? It sounds as though you are having side effects from elevated estrogen, so you’ll need to determine how to go about correcting that. Your lab results should help. Beyond that, I would determine what the lowest effective AI dose is.

Thanks for the response
With the minimal effective dosage on ai, I took that step by making my own droppers. And I think this is helping me get this worked out better, I see what you mean with steady inj and not a steady ai dosing. I’m honestly just petrified to crash e2 been there b4 and that’s a dark f**** place.

Also what’s your thought on this have alpha pharm proviron, took a 25mg tab. It affected my arousal time! Like it took much more work to become aroused erect. That’s like the opposite of proviron right or could the free T boost been flipped to e2?

So I’ll stick to
50mg eod
Aromasin 2drops daily
Once my labs come back I will post them and run follow up blood work once I’ve stayed on the above schedule.


Not a fan. Now you are crossing over from TRT. I am not personally familiar with proviron. It’s very old and was not something we used back in the day.

I totally understand the E2 crash issue. I seem to do much better with higher E2.

So here’s the labs, my e2 is 20 which should be good… and an SHBG of 46.6 in a range of 16.5-55.9 nmol/L which is way high especially with an e2 of 20! So what do you guys suggest stop the eod inj and go once a week? Or stay at eod dosing and throw in proviron to lower SHBG which I’ve got on hand. But am skeptical of… thinking it might be an ai cause it made my symptoms worse and I was taking it during this period of testing at 25-50mg a day. But I’m going to call that source out on another thread and send it out for testing! Btw total T 790 and this blood was drawn 5 days after a 50 mg shot of T cyp because I skipped my eod routine and felt A little better so rode that out till blood work.